Design your floor

Outdoor floors 

Much thought goes into what is featured on the walls of a home, but the flooring underfoot is often forgotten.
Flooring can make a real style statement, and more people are looking to add a design touch that seamlessly blends artistic and functional elements. Flooring can add interest and atmosphere, warmth and character to a room – and even give it a whole new look.

 “There are many things you can do with a floor besides walk on it,” says Randy Stafford, owner of Stafford Flooring in Governors Square. “Many people are seeing it as a feature of the room.”

From bold colours and distinct patterns to luxurious materials and striking custom designs, there are plenty of options when it comes to making your floor a work of art.

Gary Rankin, general manager of Paramount Carpet on North Sound Road, says wood flooring imitations are a popular choice, adding cosiness and warmth to a space. Tile simulating wood is also being installed in the home’s wet areas – the kitchen, utility room and bathroom.

Even how the floor is installed can add an element of interest – laying it diagonally creates a pattern that puts your own stamp on the design. 


Colour is another way to make your floor stand out, with bold hues that add panache or are arranged in eye-catching patterns.

Mosaic tiles can be used to create a custom feature, transforming the floor into a one-of-a-kind design showcase.

“Mosaic borders are really making quite a comeback,” says Dave Yochim of Siena Tile and Stone.

They can be used to highlight certain areas of the floor such as the dining area where the table sits.

“It really looks quite nice and it makes the floor not so boring,” adds Dave.

Mosaics can be custom-made for a particular space to showcase your personal style, and can even be developed from a photograph for a striking one-of-a-kind look. Borders at the entrance to various rooms are other options to add artistic elements to flooring.

Laser cuts – using technology to create a design or inlay for a floor – can create stunning images, with medallion inlays another popular option to make the floor pop.

Tiles popular

Tile remains the most popular choice in Cayman, with today’s options vast and varied. Glass or metal tiles can punch up the floor by adding a dimension of sparkle and shimmer. Randy says a new tile product is glass grout which adds a reflective quality to add shimmer to the floor.

The new standard in tile is a clip system which is installed to the existing floor without the use of setting materials. It comes with its own grout line attached to the tile.

“If you want to unclip it and take it with you, you can do that – it’s a portable floor,” says Randy.

Another innovation is modular carpet design squares by Flor which are attached by adhesives that connect the squares together, and not to the floor. It offers endless design possibilities as they can be assembled to create custom rugs of any shape, size and colour. They can be purchased individually, and offer great flexibility – swap out a couple of squares for an instant makeover.

Since Cayman’s favourable weather lends itself to outdoor entertaining, flooring is also making an artistic statement around the pool and walkways. Randy says eco-friendly bamboo flooring is popular for interiors and now is available for outdoor decking. Sustainable fused bamboo decking comes in smooth or ridged surface, or opt to mix it up.

A trend is to have flooring seamlessly move from the inside to the outdoors, with different finishing for each environment, suggests Randy. “It gives consistency, and it all becomes one space – your patio becomes your interior,” he says.