Lovely linen

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Dress like the designers 

Refreshing bed linens can breathe new life into your bedroom, an effective way to revamp and refresh the most personal space in your home.

From luxurious sheets to pretty throws, to decorative bed cushions, it’s a great way to create a whole new mood that you will love waking up to in the morning.

Dressing the bed with shapes and patterns is where you can define the style and colour scheme of the room, according to Kim Hecimovic of Bedside Manor in Camana Bay.

“Do you want bright colour and graphic patterns or natural, restful, muted hues?,” she says.

“Or perhaps deeper, more sensual shades? Do you like the neatness of a tailored bed using a beautiful matelasse or do you prefer lots of romantic layers and a pillow-soft duvet?”
Because the bedroom is such a personal space, it should reflect your particular taste and style.

And, as the bedroom serves as an oasis for rest and relaxation, it should be designed to suit your own comfort zone, which is an individual preference. The colours, textures and styles that relax and calm one person, may not do the same for another. “If you are sharing the room, be sure to consider your partner and their tastes as some compromise might be required,” says Kim.

Bedding fabrics and accents come in a seemingly endless variety of designs, textures and colours, so giving your bed an instant lift while putting your own stamp on the room is quite accessible.

Whether you want a soft, romantic look or something modern, bedding can create an atmosphere that is pleasing to the senses and promotes a good night’s sleep.

“Make sure that you don’t choose a bold graphic pattern if you are looking for a restful retreat,” says Kim. “Choose colours that reflect the atmosphere you are trying to create. Using soft, muted tones for a bed suggests rest and relaxation, whereas strong, saturated colours can suggest passion and sensuality.

“Textures are also important and can be added by using a silky throw on the end of the bed, turning back the duvet to reveal a knitted blanket or by adding accent pillows in rougher textures such as jute, or perhaps, beading as these will be removed for sleep.”

Sheets and throws

Sheets come in a wide range of materials spanning from crisp cottons to luxurious silk to eco-comfy bamboo – again, it comes down to personal preference.

“Tried-and-true 100 per cent cotton is a great choice for sheeting in the tropics as it has greater ‘breathability’ and is therefore cooler than synthetics and blends which tend to trap the heat,” advises Kim.

Another good choice is Tencel (also known as Lyocell). It is a natural fibre with exceptional moisture-wicking properties and stays cool to the touch, with a creamy soft texture.

“Tencel is made from wood pulp in a process that is more eco-friendly than other fibres traditionally used in bedding,” says Kim.

“It is also fully biodegradable making it a great choice for those of us trying to lessen our impact on the environment.”

Underestimating the value of a quality set of sheets is a common mistake people make when dressing their bed.

“You should purchase the best sheets that you can afford,” says Kim. “Good quality sheeting will only get better with washing and should last for years. Don’t be fooled by thread count, as a high thread count sheet made out of poor quality cotton is still a poor quality sheet.”

Pillows and throw blankets can add pizzazz to the bed, lending a focal point to the flat surface.

“Don’t load the bed up with a ton of accent pillows if you lack the space to store them or don’t want the bother of removing them every night,” says Kim. “Most men will back me up on that one.”

Putting a couple of layers on the bed is also important. “Your sleep needs vary throughout the night and seasons, so make sure that you have a few options that are easy to reach in the middle of the night,” says Kim.

“When the duvet gets a little too warm, have a blanket that will still ward off the chill of the AC without adding too much bulk.”

Revamping your bed with lovely linens is a convenient way to refresh your bedroom, where you spend approximately one-third of your life.