Make it pop

Rustic chic – contemporary comfort 

Chic colours

Rustic chic focuses on natural materials, such as wood, stone and metals. For the colour palette, opt for warm hues such as brick reds, sage greens and creams. You can incorporate other hues as well, such as various shades of blue.

Blending rustic elements with a touch of shimmer can create a striking look – for example, metallic paint on a distressed coffee table will make the piece pop. Even a simple coat of paint – sometimes with layers of colour – or stain can turn an old or outdated item into something that looks new.
It is also an ideal decorating style for those who are seeking to create a smaller footprint, as recycling means less items being discarded into the dump.

“It is ultimately very easy to do – it’s just time-consuming,” says Jennifer.

Not everyone has the time – or interest – to create their own rustic pieces, however. Furniture stores on-island carry rustic chic pieces and accessories to achieve this look as well.

Absolutely Fabulous, for example, carries furniture fashioned from reclaimed teak. Using recycled teak gives furniture a wonderful vintage look, and is eco-friendly. The deep hues in teak furniture can add warmth and charm to any room.

The Nook sells high-quality “pre-loved” furniture and home accessories, refurbishing many of the larger pieces or “repurposing” an item by reusing it for something other than its original intent.

For example, Jennifer has revamped an old wooden door to frame a mirror, converted the bottom of a china cabinet into an eye-catching sideboard and transformed a TV stand into a funky cabinet.

“It can really reflect your own personal style,” she notes.