Make your bedroom beautiful

InsideOut asked Karen Edie-Turner of Edie’s Décor for quick tips to remodel your bedroom.

Upholster your headboard
Bring interest to your bedroom décor with a one-of-a kind upholstered headboard. Whether rectangular or contoured, choose from cotton, linen, faux silk or burlap to complement or contrast your existing décor. Add some sparkle with crystal or metallic upholstery tacks to create a romantic border that mimics the shape of your headboard. And don’t be afraid to use colour. If your décor is mono-chromatic, consider choosing a bold fabric (or bands of colour) for your headboard, making it the focal point of the room.

Change your bedding
Nothing polishes a bed quite like custom bedding. Bedspreads, comforters and duvets can be fabricated from just about any type of material, and they are a staple to bring a room’s décor together. Don’t forget about shams and throw pillows, which can be made from contrasting but coordinating fabric, providing dimension and texture. Other bed accessories to consider are a colourful bed scarf or a structured bed skirt.

Get new flooring
If you need a change underfoot, there are a number of flooring options available. For something soft to the touch, install new wool carpeting, or if you’re looking for something classic, consider wood flooring. Porcelain tile is also a very popular flooring solution that that can give you the look of marble, wood and other natural materials, at a fraction of the cost. To anchor the bedroom and add warmth, place an area rug under, or at the foot of, your bed.

Spruce up the windows
Window fashion communicates the décor of a home, so it is essential that you choose window treatments that reflect your sense of style, yet function to meet your needs. Light-blocking and privacy are priorities so these needs may be fulfilled by upgrading to draperies or blinds with 100 per cent black-out lining. Whether you prefer woven wood blinds or draperies in a range of colours, patterns and textures, or the ever-popular plantation shutters, you are sure to find a solution that complements your décor.

Wow with wallpaper
Wallpaper continues to make a comeback, and today the styles and textures are absolutely fabulous. Identify a wall in your bedroom that could serve as a décor accent and select a wallpaper to bring it to life. Choose from bright and bold colours and patterns, textured Asian-inspired grass cloths or glamorous metallic wallpaper designs to re-invigorate your bedroom’s décor.