Rustic chic – contemporary comfort

Make it pop 

Rustic chic is the latest home decor trend taking over interiors, and it’s catching on in Cayman.

The look is easy to achieve by mixing contemporary pieces with rustic elements. A rustic table, for example, makes an eye-catching statement in a modern dining room.

“I appreciate the modern, but I tend toward something a little more rustic,” says Jennifer Newton, co-owner of The Nook in the Eden Centre on Walkers Road. “It gives you a warm, cosy feel – a lived-in look.”

By contrasting older pieces with modern design, rustic chic can add warmth to sleek interiors and make a space feel timeless and inviting. It can serve as a focal point of a room, and a conversation piece.

The essence of the style is aged, painted and “distressed” to give furniture and accessories the look and feel of authentic wear.


Blending different periods is an enduring style. The origins of rustic chic are in the British and French countryside where worn furniture and faded fabrics could be found in expansive country homes – an elegant but understated look.

Rustic chic, which goes by a number of different names such as shabby chic, farmhouse or cottage style, has been enjoying a renaissance of late as people look for simplicity to give their spaces an informal yet stylish appeal.

“Twenty years ago, something like this wouldn’t have worked in Cayman because people wanted everything new,” says Jennifer. “Attitudes are changing. People are getting away from the more formal look, and they are also looking for something different.”

Jennifer notes residents are embracing the look for a number of reasons, cost being among them. Rustic chic lends itself to do-it-yourself projects, and items can also be sourced from thrift shops and garage sales, where people can pick up a piece at a fraction of the cost of new-buys and rework it into something fresh for the home.

Rustic chic is a look that fits in well with island living, as this simple-yet-refined style is not contrived and is casual and easy-going. It can also express a homeowner’s personal taste and style.

“People want to put their own stamp on their home, and it’s an easy look to achieve,” says Jennifer. “There is a lot you can do with it – it’s really up to your imagination.”