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Stephen Wagner is the store manager at Books & Books, Camana Bay. He took time out of his busy schedule to recommend the following books to InsideOut readers:

The Son
By Philip Meyer

(Ecco Press, $27.99)

The Son is an extremely well-plotted story about family and perseverance, with the history of Texas as a backdrop. The opening chapters are a bit graphic, but the story quickly evens out and becomes a page-turner of gigantic proportions. A multitude of characters spanning several generations pull you in and keep you interested from beginning to end. Thankfully the author has included a family tree to help you keep track of them all. An excellent read.
By Richard Ford

(Ecco Press, $15.99)

Canada is the gut-wrenching story of a twin brother and sister whose parents rob a North Dakota bank. Their imprisonment pulls the siblings in different directions as they struggle to remake their lives. The book is written in ebbs and flows, and just when you’ve settled in, the pace suddenly quickens and spurs you to read on. Ford’s incredible attention to detail makes this a modern masterpiece that should be patiently savoured.

By Douglas Schofield

(Miwk Publishing, $16.95)

I read Succession in three days…and I have kids! I truly could not put this book down; it even made me late for dinner. It has everything you want in a thriller – car chases, murders, kidnapping, you name it – and the ending has an unexpected twist that will leave you thinking. I still am, even after discussing it with the author, who lives here in Grand Cayman. Buy it and take it to the beach. You won’t be disappointed.