Whisk up a new kitchen look

The kitchen is the heart of the home, a central place where families get together to relax, share stories, entertain and, most importantly, prepare meals. But as needs change, and looks become outdated, a revamp of this hardworking room is in order.

Kitchen upgrades can enhance appearance, enjoyment and increase home value. Here are tips on how to improve the busiest room in the home, focusing on revamps that offer maximum impact with minimum cost.


Replacing cabinets can be a costly affair but there are ways to give them a new look without breaking the bank. Replacing drab and outdated hardware with fresh, modern styles – or simply painting over the hardware – will give an instant lift. Another option is to use a restorative process that brings out their original brilliance, or painting the cabinets for a refreshing makeover.


Installing under-cabinet lighting can make for a striking feature, adding ambience to the room. It gives flooring more definition, and provides direct light where you need it most – the countertop and work area.


Granite is popular for countertops but laminates are an affordable and durable option that come in seemingly endless colours, patterns and stylish finishes – from gloss to grain.


Backsplashes can make an eye-catching feature in the kitchen, a design aspect that seamlessly blends artistic and functional elements. Consider a glass backsplash, or mixing in a few metallic tiles, to add a touch of sparkle and glamour.


Old, stained tiles and grout can make the entire floor looking dingy and dated even if it’s in good condition. Special cleaning products can bring it back to life. If replacing the tiles, vinyl is a good fit for those on a budget and comes in many stylish new looks. Also consider resurfacing a tired floor rather than replacing, to save time and money. Choose from a variety of stunning finishes to rejuvenate the entire room.


A coat of paint is an easy and cost-effective way to recreate the look of a room. To save time, think about painting one wall in a striking accent colour rather than the whole room. Alternately, paint the ceiling in a complementary hue – there’s no rule that ceilings have to be plain white.

Go green

Switching to gas appliances from electric will cut down on energy bills, and your carbon footprint. Compared with other fuels, natural gas is generally the most economical choice. Gas is also the top choice for chef-worthy kitchens, as it offers a fine degree of heat control. Replacing old appliances is another smart choice, as it will not only update a tired look but will save money and help the environment, as today’s models are more energy-efficient.

Consider these InsideOut tips for a quick and easy kitchen renovation.