Outdoor floors

Design your floor 

Looking to wake up a dull pool deck, patio or walkway, or add some glamour to your floor? Resurfacing offers many advantages to traditional concrete tear-out and replacement, lower cost and faster installation time, among them.

Emerson Piercy of Ultimate Surfaces Cayman Ltd. says Epoxy stone is a leading outdoor finish, noted for its strength and longevity. This is a polymer resin matrix mixed with river stones (or pebbles) and trowelled onto a solid surface to form an attractive new look. A convenient option over concrete tear-out, the material is salt-resistant – ideal for Cayman’s environment – easily repaired, slip-resistant and ready to walk on within 24 hours.

Metallic Epoxy will add some wow to flooring. “It allows you to ‘guild’ or cover your concrete to replicate the look of copper, silver, aged bronze,  nickel and other shimmery patinas,” says Emerson.

Epoxy colour quartz and colour flakes applications also make a style statement.

“Both the quartz and flakes can be colour customised to fit the design needs and because of the variety of colour options, they can be designed to look similar to granite or terrazzo,” adds Emerson.

Another way to spruce up an existing concrete pool deck is to cover it with a concrete overlay. These versatile resurfacing products can be stamped, sprayed, stenciled or trowel applied to add colour, texture and slip resistance.

The look of a natural stone patio can be created using stamped concrete. “Many manufacturers have stamps that perfectly imitate slate, flagstone, brick or cobblestone,” says Emerson.

“We have found that with stamped concrete, random-type patterns tend to make the surface stand out more. A random slate patio and pool deck is one of the more popular patterns, along with recreating the look of flagstone.”