Creature comforts

Providing a comfy spot for your pet to rest is essential – a personal space where they feel safe.

Pet beds of the past were sometimes rather bland and simply took up space but thankfully there are more options today that combine comfort with style.

From the fun “Furrari” pet bed to colorful cushions and lovely outdoor loungers, it’s easy to give your pooch an inviting bed to park his paws.

The beds can also complement your home’s décor, while there is a range of fun and quirky beds, if that’s your style.

A dog bed can be anything from a plush, cozy cushion to a mini-couch to a four-poster affair fit for canine royalty.

Match the décor

Pet beds can be customized to match your furnishings and the range of shapes, sizes and styles is seemingly endless, including funky colors and patterns that feature everything from bones and paw prints to beds sporting a number of national flags.

Aimee McKie of Must Love Dogs boutique in Camana Bay says today’s designs and materials are easy to care for, and cater to all sizes, breeds and ages.

There are outdoor loungers fashioned with waterproof materials, and beds with high-quality washable fabrics, including stain-resistant materials. One plush model doubles as a convenient carrier to allow small pets to travel in the comfort of their own bed.

Machine washable pet bed duvets can be stuffed with old clothes or towels, which give off the comforting scent of the pet.

“They’re great for puppies or a new dog,” says Aimee, who works with several upholsterers so people can personalize their pet beds while adding style and panache to their décor.

“We can get the beds in any upholstery, and match them with anything,” says Aimee. Regular foam can be upholstered to keep costs down.

Make it cozy

While designer pet beds can make a statement in the home, they are also practical.

Just like humans, every furry family member needs a comfortable bed to get a good night’s sleep, relax when they are tired and have a safe place to retreat to.

“They like to have their own personal space,” says Aimee. “It gives them security.”

Cats especially love cozy spaces to curl up in. They are more private than dogs, and like to have hiding places where they feel safe. Huts and covered ball beds are good bets. Cats also like to perch, with some scratching posts offering a high vantage point as well as cozy rooms to get away from it all.

Comfy pet beds can keep them off the couch or bed, and help prevent injury by stopping Fido from jumping up and down on the furniture. They also provide cushioning for joints and bones, which is especially important for dogs that are older or arthritic.

Another benefit is that pet beds control the spread of hair and dander by concentrating it in one location. The covers can be washed to keep the bed area clean.

When choosing a bed, make sure it is appropriate for the size of the dog. Also consider your pet’s sleeping preferences. If your pooch likes to rest his head on a pillow or arm of a sofa, for example, select a bed with a side. Consider placing the bed in a room where the family spends a lot of time so Fido can be nearby, although it’s best to avoid high-traffic areas.

Contemporary and convenient, today’s pet beds are both practical and appealing. “They’ve really come a long way,” says Aimee.