Dazzling chandeliers

Chandeliers add drama and make stunning visual statements when they span more than one story, such as being hung in entrance lobbies. 

From traditional cut-crystal to creative contemporary designs, chandeliers sparkle with elegance, opulence and glamour.

Candlelight chandeliers graced the rooms of stately homes long before the invention of electricity and have lost none of their appeal in the modern age.

These dazzling art-forms make a stunning focal point, radiating majesty and grandeur.

A choice of classic crystal chandeliers made by the likes of Waterford, Lalique and Baccarat vie for pride of place alongside stunning designs created from a variety of up-to-the-minute materials.

Nowadays they can be constructed from anything from hand-blown glass to coconut shell, mother-of-pearl or natural quartz rock, with the main consideration being how the light travels through the materials and the way in which it is refracted.

“An array of materials is available to the designer,” says VJ Hirani, senior designer with Liberty Designs, who specializes in lighting.

“By applying the right materials and techniques you can create some fantastic visual forms which offer both practical lighting, as well as a sculptural form.” 


Safety & cleaning

Chandeliers should be fixed into a substrate with strong fixings to take the weight off the piece. The fixing must be weight-considered – building contractors can advise on the exact requirements.
It is also advisable to employ a qualified electrician to install the chandelier correctly.

To keep your chandelier sparkling it will need to be cleaned from time to time, as dust is always going to accumulate.

Specialist companies can take care of this task for you, although some large chandeliers are assembled on a hoist so that they can be lowered for cleaning.

Add drama

Chandeliers add drama and make stunning visual statements when they span more than one story, such as being hung in entrance lobbies.

They also look amazing as a visual piece above a dining table, for example, which is a common area for such light pieces to be situated.

In Cayman, where there are lovely outdoor landscapes and beautiful views, the colors of the island can be incorporated into a chandelier made of hand-blown glass with the reflection/refraction of light mirroring the sea.


“Natural materials also work well in Cayman,” says VJ. “We use natural rock quartz with fine hairline grains running through it. When you pass light through the chandelier, it highlights this and gives a stunning appearance.”

Stainless steel metal work always works well with glass and sets off the contemporary style.

For traditionalist, Kirk Freeport sees a huge demand for the classic creations by Waterford, Lalique and Baccarat.

“Crystal chandeliers add visual drama to any room whether your décor is traditional, modern or transitional,” says Michael Bowman, merchandise manager at Kirk Freeport.

“Nothing else compares.”