Go custom

Customize it 

As householders become ever more discerning when it comes to design for their home, many are choosing to “go custom” and opt for bespoke furniture and furnishings.

This means having pieces made specifically for the individual, taking into account their requirements, taste and budget.

“What sets ‘custom design’ or ‘bespoke furniture’ apart from standard furniture or lighting, is the client’s total control over the fabric used, the features of the product, the medium in which its built, and the total control over quality,” says international interior designer Nicky Murray.

“More generally, ‘bespoke’ describes a high degree of customization, and involvement of the end-user, in the production of the goods.”

Nicky, who is based in London and works on designs projects around the globe, recently set up Liberty Designs in collaboration with Chris Burke of Cornerstone Development in Cayman to meet the demands of high-end clients on-island.

“Surprisingly, custom design is not necessarily more expensive,” adds Nicky. “Often, we are able to achieve the look a client wants for less than a specific piece would cost at retail (price). Also, by bringing in a designer from the beginning, we are able to trouble-shoot many of the problems that often occur in design work, allowing the client to save lots in the long run.”

Aside from the aesthetics, custom pieces are a great way to enhance your room for many other reasons, too, including making the most of small or awkward spaces.

“As far as advising clients on whether to go for a more modern or classic design, it is totally up to what suits their lifestyle and personal taste best,” says Nicky.

“We find more of our clients prefer a classic, contemporary style which is fresh and clean and tends not to date.”