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A. L. Thompson’s is opening a new outdoor store at its George Town location this summer. Not only will this addition be partly situated outdoors, but it will also sell outdoor products, including everything you need for your garden, yard or even your annual camping trip. At 22,000 square feet, the outdoor store will stock patio furniture, planters, pot hangers and lawn ornaments, lawn-care products and seeds, soil and mulch as well as water features.

There will also be lawn and garden hand tools and power tools, hoses, spray nozzles, irrigation systems, insecticides, herbicides and pesticides. And for the outdoor chef, there will be a range of grills, smokers and accessories to choose from. Campers will be pleased to find a stock of fishing and camping gear, ice chests and coolers and – should a storm blow up – there is a selection of foul-weather gear.

A. L. Thompson’s
t: 949-8622
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