A nod to island style

As travelers seek more personal experiences of the resorts they visit, room design is one aspect of the hospitality industry which is being given a make-over.

And the Grand Cayman Marriott Beach Resort is setting the trend locally with a re-design which gives a nod to its island surroundings.

“The overall concept of the design is based solely on the unique culture of the Cayman Islands and its people, rather than the general Caribbean culture,” says Laura Skec, director of sales and marketing with the Marriott in Cayman.

As such, a neutral palette of shades reflecting the sand and sea of Cayman achieves a sense of serenity.

Splashes of bright colors aim to reflect the bright and vibrant culture of the Cayman people.

“The bright splashes of color also reflect the warmth of this culture and the people’s desire to serve and be hospitable to those who are visiting,” says Laura.


“In addition to being a Caribbean paradise, Cayman has a rich history of boat and ship building, and therefore has a deep understanding of the journey and what is required to make a trip successful and enjoyable.

“The ship building industry created the necessity to venture out of the region for work and resources, which created a breed of world-class seafarers ready to take on adventure and life on the sea.”

According to Laura, these attributes correlate with the profile of Marriott travelers and guests and the resort has endeavored to reflect them in the design.

The clever use of textiles, colors and accessories aims to capture the essence of the spirit of openness and adventure, an appreciation of craftsmanship and a love of the islands.

“The guest, whether visiting for business or pleasure, is led from ‘ship to shore’,” says Laura.