An eye for design

With an architect’s eye for design, the owner of a penthouse overlooking Seven Mile Beach has an eclectic collection of fine art and furnishings.

The walls are covered in paintings, the floors are strewn with oriental carpets and several antique Chinese cabinets complement the look.

Together, they make a bold statement, reflecting the owner’s preference for pieces that please her and allow her to enjoy living amongst beautiful belongings.

“I buy artwork because I love it, not because of who has painted it or what it’s worth,” she says. “Most of the pieces are by international artists who happen to have lived in Cayman from time to time, and whom I have met over the years or whose work I have bought at exhibitions on the island.


“I also buy the carpets because I like them. My mother and grandmother both collected oriental rugs and I inherited their appreciation for them.”

While the three-bedroom (plus den) penthouse most definitely has striking adornments, it is not fussy or formal and is a home with very individual taste.

“I enjoy my home – it’s comfortable and ‘lived in’ – I didn’t want it to be a showhome,” says the owner, who prefers to remain anonymous.

Originally from Germany, she is now retired but spent her professional life practising as an architect, working on design projects in a number of different countries.

“I have an eye for design, whether it’s for clothes, buildings, art or furniture,” she says.

In fact, the owner has five homes around the world, with Cayman being her main residence where she enjoys the climate and the pace of life.

She arrived in Cayman around 30 years ago, attracted by easy travel links to Europe and the fact that there was little crime in those days.

However, the hunt to find a suitable home was a little more challenging with only Treasure Island and Holiday Inn situated on the beachfront at that time.


After much searching, she finally found the lovely penthouse in an attractive new development, delighting in its beach location and spacious grounds.

And with shopping for furniture also difficult in Cayman during that period, she flew to Miami to buy nearly everything she needed for her new home.

That is where she acquired the striking Chinese pieces that have antique writings on the interiors of the cabinet doors and suit the style of the apartment very well.

There is also a nice collection of old Sterling silver and some wonderful dishes, which the owner collected on her world travels.

A small, English-style dining room is furnished with pieces the owner bought in New Orleans and which she took to her other houses before finally – and fittingly – bringing them to Cayman which is a British island.


The owner also enjoys sitting on the terrace overlooking Seven Mile Beach to take her meals in the cool breeze of near-eternal summer.

“I no longer ski or skate,” she says. “Nowadays, I like to follow the sun.”

Every morning, the owner loves to open the curtains and view the splendor of the post-dawn Caribbean Sea.

“I open my eyes to the wonderful turquoise blue water,” she says.

“I don’t have that at any of my other homes.”