Candace opens Captureista

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Caymanian artist Candace Imparato has launched a business called Captureista which offers fine art photography and print-making services. Candace’s photographs tell a story, even in a single shot, and she plans and works with customers ahead of time to find out their influences and what they want the final product to look like. As every work of art deserves attention to detail, she also enjoys finding the right mood, location, props, and media to print on.

For example, some works are delicate and should be printed small while other photos featuring shine, texture or water can be printed with an extremely glossy finish to give the feeling of being wet. Additional services Candace offers include proofing, scanning, photo retouching, photo books and alternative/historic print methods. Candace operates out of the Kennedy Gallery in West Shore Center, where printing orders can be placed.

t:  938-5859