Spice up your kitchen

An entire kitchen overhaul may be too expensive or impossible due to floor-plan restrictions.

However, many quick, less intrusive changes can be made, delivering impressive results and giving an instant uplift to the heart of your home.


“Uplifting is the perfect solution,” says Chaz BuShong of Caribbean Custom Interiors. “There are many ways to achieve a new look for minimal cost, allowing homeowners to enjoy an immediate return on their investment both monetarily and visually.”

If interior cabinet boxes are in good condition it is possible to replace only the doors.

“This is the fastest and most affordable way to rid yourself of an ugly, dated kitchen and put you at the center of modern design trends,” says Chaz.

A huge range of options runs from tropical weathered-wood and traditional solid-wood materials, to ultra-contemporary high-gloss doors with color choices including lime green and orange which are perfect for a Caribbean kitchen.

Once homeowners have chosen their desired doors, the installation is not as difficult or time-consuming as many may think. It generally takes less than two days, with the old doors removed and disposed of, and new doors, soft hinges and any internal cabinetry accessories installed.


Door hardware

If your cabinet doors do not need replacing, then modifying the door hardware, alone, can make a dramatic change.

Helen Thomas, owner/manager of Pooley Kitchen Design Studio says hardware is like the jewelry on the cabinets and can completely change their look.

Choices may be limited by the existing holes that are drilled, but a large selection helps you create a subtle, yet effective, uplift to your kitchen.

Backsplashes & countertops

Backsplashes can be understated or provide a dramatic contrast, and changing the look will deliver an easy overhaul to your kitchen.

“They can be used to add vibrancy and depth, or to create stunning works of art,” says Helen.

Taking a break from tradition, options include painted-glass backsplashes.

“The reflective quality of the glass gives quite a dramatic effect,” says Helen. “Metal-topped laminate is also available in an array of colors and textures with which you can attain a virtually seamless backsplash.”

Taking up a large surface area in the kitchen, countertops greatly contribute to the finished effect. Refreshing them by rebuffing Corian, replacing old tops or updating the materials to granite or quartz will transform a kitchen.

Paying attention to the durability and maintenance of the new material will ensure it looks brand-new for years to come.