Creating a cinema

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It’s possible to create a dedicated home theater in any property, whether a new-build or an existing house.

Budgets can range from $10,000 to millions of dollars, depending on the theme, building materials and technology used.

“I have seen living rooms turned into media rooms and garages into home theaters,” says Tony Coe of The Installation Company, who supplies services for high-end home entertainment systems in Cayman.

“The basis of any room is to start with a good structure, acoustics, planning, materials and equipment to make it your personal cinema that you and your family can enjoy.”

Fundamentally, the room needs to be tuned for the purpose of high-fidelity sound in a controlled environment that will give you the experience of being in a movie.

“The room can be any size but what you need to take it consideration is that, when completed, it will be much smaller because of all the material to making it acoustically sound,” says Tony.

And he points out that while the room is likely to remain the same size, technology is constantly evolving and changing in price, so he suggests spending proportionally more at the outset on the structure of the room than on the equipment.