Jazz It Up

Many people who rent an apartment or house on-island may not feel that their abode reflects their personality or style, but small changes can jazz it up to help the occupants feel more at home.

Cayman’s designers offer the following style tips.

Lydia Uzzell of Designworks 

Michelle Butler of Design Studio 

Lisa Turner of IDG 

Krissy Kirkconnell of Liberty Designs 

Anna Rose Washburn of Marksons:

Repositioning furniture or area rugs can improve the overall appearance of the room. Placing furniture and rugs on the diagonal takes away the boredom of anchoring the furniture to the wall. Art can be repositioned accordingly.

If the dining area seems to be tight, turn the table on an angle so that the chairs are drawn away from backs of other items in the room.

Add potted greenery to give a sense of life to any room.

Consider investing in reclining furniture when space is of the essence. One can enjoy the reclined position, and the footrest disappears once you close the recliner, as opposed to huge chaises which are one size at all times.

Consider a counter-height dining table, enabling you to use some of the stools at the kitchen bar and move them to the table when entertaining. Most of the time, the tables have leaves that butterfly. This means they store themselves under the table top and gives more room in the space when not needed.