Lydia Uzzell of Designworks:

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Jazz It Up 

Accessories are key to personalizing a space, making it feel like a home, and creating an inviting environment. Invest in items that you can easily take with you to your next home – throw pillows, accent throws, artwork and small accents (trays, vases, coasters, sculptures) that will reflect your personality. These don’t have to be costly, i.e. use family photographs to create an inexpensive and highly personalized gallery wall.

Painting a wall is a simple change that can have a significant impact in a room, and many landlords allow it if you are willing to go with reasonably neutral choices. Ditch lackluster colors for pale blues and greens to instantly refresh a room, or use something bolder (after checking with your landlord) and revert back to the original color before moving out.

Drapes can be expensive, and are often overlooked by landlords in favor of cost-effective (and poorly operating) blinds. If your landlord allows, you can add incredible depth, softness and texture into a room by installing customized or even off-the-shelf drapes. Loom Décor ( is a great source for off-the-shelf options, with hundreds of fabric choices.

Area rugs are a great way to cover up outdated tiles or worn carpet, and well-placed large rugs can instantly transform a room. Choosing something neutral will allow you to take it to a future home, and won’t clash with the existing flooring.

Flat weaves are a cost-effective option and natural weaves (such as sisal or jute) create an instantly relaxing environment, lend tones of texture and offer significant durability.