It’s the latest innovation in the kitchen. ‘Invisible’ countertops are trending in the heart of the home, not only adding a luxury design element but also elevating the culinary experience.

The technology transforms countertops into a high-tech – and visually seamless – cooking surface, a big draw for those who prefer a sleek, uncluttered look.


“It’s very sleek and modern,” says Nathalie Fakhry, design consultant with ITC, which recently brought in porcelain countertops designed especially for induction cooking systems.

It’s called ‘invisible’ as a control panel is fitted directly underneath the porcelain countertop, transforming the surface into a cooktop without any visible burners.

It frees up counterspace – often a hot commodity in the kitchen – when not in use, and adds a clean, minimalist aesthetic.

“The less clutter, the more luxury look you are going to have,” says Nathalie. “It’s very innovative.”


Induction is a type of cooking technology that uses an electromagnetic field to directly heat pots and pans. Rather than using thermal conduction – a gas or electric element that transfers heat from a burner to a pot or pan – induction heats the cookware itself almost instantly.

Once the pots are removed, the cooktop cools down quickly. A built-in safety feature is it won’t heat without a pan on top.

The induction cooking system is reported to be more sustainable as it uses less energy than traditional electric or gas systems. Another plus is induction allows home cooks to control the temperature more precisely than its gas or electric counterparts. It heats
up faster, cooks more evenly and endures high temperatures.

“With just a touch, your countertop springs to life, becoming a zone of culinary creativity,” says Nathalie.

For those who love their high-tech gadgets, induction systems offer the option to remotely control the cooktop from smart devices.

And the smooth porcelain surface makes clean-up a breeze – it’s simply a matter of wiping down the countertop.

ITC has set up a demonstration countertop in its showroom so people can
experience induction cooking first-hand. 


This article appears in the Autumn/Winter 2023 issue of InsideOut magazine, now available at magazine stands around the island.