Lush greenery surrounds the cottages. Image: TANEOS RAMSAY

Hidden away in North Side, the beguiling Mastic Cottages are surrounded by a glorious garden.

Poincianas in bloom. Image: TANEOS RAMSAY

The greenery adds to the privacy, and the artworks give a sense of individualism to this enchanting spot.

The entire property spans 11 acres, and the landscaping immediately encircling the buildings is well-manicured. Buddha statues recline in the sun, while beach-entry sand pools serving the cottages and an outdoor seating area with synthetically thatched cabanas add further charm.

Fruit trees and colourful flowering plants and trees are visible from every standpoint.

“We have grown thousands of trees over the last 10 years to plant on the property,” says Nigel Torrance, who developed the property.

He originally grew the plants and trees near his house, before moving operations to a nursery closer to the cottages.



Nick Johnson, a botanical horticulturist who worked at Kew Gardens in England, identified many of the trees, and he and Nigel have collaborated to produce a book entitled ‘The Natural Treasures of North Side’ about the native trees and wildlife.

Heavily laden fruit trees. Image: TANEOS RAMSAY

Cottage guests will have access to the book, and Nigel hopes to donate some to schools and libraries.

Nigel has also been working on a nature trail through the dense bush surrounding the property.

Near completion, the trail is similar to the trails through the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park, with numerous native trees lining the rocky path, which is sanded for ease of walking.

The cottage gardens are also home to resident goats, ducks and chickens, as well as a tilapia- and koi-filled pond, which acts as an irrigation source for all the trees grown on the property.

Offering both serenity and sustenance, the Mastic Cottages garden is a true oasis for visiting guests, combining manicured lawns and exterior living spaces with rustic natural trails to create a one-of-a-kind landscape.

This article appears in the Autumn/Winter 2023 issue of InsideOut magazine.