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Clean out your chemical cupboard

It’s an irony of modern life that while we use an arsenal of cleaning products to keep our homes and work places sparkling clean and germ-free, these products may be damaging our health and the environment. 



What goes into the food we eat and the products we put on our skin didn’t concern many people until relatively recently.


At the wheel of green motoring

Drivers in the 35-50 age bracket, who are professional, educated, have a high income and are serious about eco-friendly products. Also ideal for anyone who wants to cut fuel costs and is keen to “go green”.



A bountiful garden

Tucked away in the Salt Creek community of Grand Cayman is a garden brimming with native species and mature fruit trees.


The hanging garden of Camana Bay

 With limited space often a major factor when creating a garden in Cayman, a living wall may be the ideal solution for small areas.


Prickly garden at Botanic Park

The new Xerophytic Garden will be a model for gardeners in the Cayman Islands who want to grow cactus or other low-maintenance plants that require little water.


Enchant with a fairy garden

Fairies and other magical “wee folk” have long been fixtures in fables, myths and ancient folklore, in which these mystical beings have flitted across gardens. It is often said that they bring luck, prosperity, and good health to the chosen few whose garden they inhabit.


Grande Dame of Cayman architecture

Not only is Grand Old House one of the finest restaurants in Cayman, it is also one of the greatest examples of historic architecture.


Home health check

The home is supposed to be somewhere you can relax and feel safe, but unseen dangers often lurk in the house.


The greener alternative

With Cayman’s natural beauty playing an important role in the economy, it is vital that as much as possible is done to protect the environment.


Making a mark with murals

You may not know Tansy Maki by sight, although she certainly stands out in a crowd.


From camera to canvas

Print your favourite photographs to canvas and decorate your home with personalised works of art.



Metal warriors

The life-sized functional art pieces of a Scotsman and a Viking are a whimsical departure from the usual creations of Karoly Szücs.


Shop till you drop at

InsideOut magazine and Cost-U-Less are giving one lucky reader the chance to win a $1500 gift certificate from the warehouse club store in Governor’s...

Mature trees add value

Mature trees are among Cayman’s most precious natural resources so it makes sense to preserve them wherever possible.


Cayman Wildlife Rescue

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The plight of the parrots

In times gone by it was popular to keep parrots as pets in Cayman and the practice continues to cause distress to some of these beautiful birds.


Synchronise it

There are some amazing apps that can change your life and keep you entertained in your home with ease.


In control of technology

For those of you who might not be tech-savvy, pop into Audophile where the experts can show you exactly what the equipment does and how to install and use it.