Yonier Powery.

The surreal world of Yonier Powery

Cuban artist adopts Cayman Islands as home and the subject of his creativity. Prestigious Cuban artist Agustin Villafaña upturned a trash bin and asked a young and ambitious Yonier Powery if he really wanted to...
Dready Gallery at Picture This.

Dready finds a home

First dedicated space for the humorous doodle drawings. Dready has finally found a home of his own, with the largest collection of his work in one place. The Caribbean character created by artist Shane Aquart is...

A flutter of butterflies

Whimsical art installation creates beauty out of trash. Almost the entire interior wall of a house in the Cayman Islands has been covered in beautiful blue butterflies by renowned New York City artist Paul Villinski. Famed...

At home with fine art

A furniture store and photographic studio make the perfect housemates for Avril Ward’s gallery, an exciting hybrid space that demonstrates how artworks can enhance every home. Halfway through my tour of the Awardart Gallery, owner...

An eclectic collection

For Marco Martins, collecting art is a passion borne out of a love of beauty in all its forms. His early upbringing in Brazil, where art adorned the walls of his home, combined with extensive...

Cayman Creatives

When we contemplate ‘local art’ our thoughts are often drawn to the wide variety of talented painters, illustrators and sculptors our island boasts. From the artwork of Gordon Solomon, Nasaria Suckoo-Chollette and Charles Long,...

Heaven in Havana

InsideOut tours an Art-Deco hideaway in Havana, Cuba There is a famous quote by Ernest Hemingway’s in the “The Old Man and the Sea” that reads: “Now is no time to think of what you...

This Art is on Fire

Artist Jeff Koons referred to the gallery as “the arena of representation,” and in the modern world the definition of these arenas is delightfully smudged. Art is not confined to buildings designed specifically for it;...

Blooming flower arranging

There is no question that there is an art to flower arranging. Anyone who has brought home a bouquet of roses or other popular blooms knows that simply dumping long stalks in a stumpy...

A painting prophecy

Years ago when Kara Julian was a student, a fortune-teller predicted she would one day become a teacher. As she was then on scholarship to study accounting in the United States, the West Bay native...

Instant Gratification

In these days of Pinterest, even a minimalist approach to design is big and bold. From statement walls to the ubiquitous obsession with bohemian everything, big time interior statements demand equally large décor or...

The essence of Cayman

Known for her detailed and representative pictures, Caymanian artist Jo Austin draws endless inspiration from the diversity of the natural and built environment found here. Attracted by the interplay of light, texture and mood,...

Finding Lazarus

One theme that has become evident is fruit trees, inspired by her island surroundings full of coconuts, breadfruit, bananas, and the most beautiful sea grapes showing off their vibrant colors.


Underwater Art

All of the artists have, at some point, stayed at Sunset House and have definitely been acquainted with us over the years. 


Stingrays wow on wall

A giant mosaic depicting Cayman’s emblematic stingrays has been stopping guests in their tracks as they arrive at a hotel on Seven Mile Beach.


Captivated by Charles Long

“The paintings record the changing face of Cayman; they chronicle physical and social changes…”


In the frame

Taking the time to frame your artwork will create a focus for the piece, displaying it to the best effect in your home. 


Painting with a Cayman palette

Artist finds the tropical colours and flowers an inspiration for her work on canvas.


Decorating tip

The way a person chooses to decorate their home or workplace is a reflection of their personality and tastes.


Logwood turned to art

The Logwood tree, which was once at the heart of Cayman’s economy, has found a new lease of life by being turned into eco-friendly, functional artwork.





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