His Happy Place

The office of Uniregistry in Governors Square is not a space designed to play into the hype of Silicon Valley. The tech outfit is certainly where Frank Schilling, along with roughly 49 like-minded team...

Outdoor floors

Looking to wake up a dull pool deck, patio or walkway, or add some glamour to your floor? Resurfacing offers many advantages to traditional concrete tear-out and replacement, lower cost and faster installation time, among them.

Must have it!

Look no further than Cayman’s stores for a colorful selection of accessories for your home. InsideOut went shopping to pick some of the best must-have items.1. Aquamarine vase, Absolutely Fabulous   2. Zimbabwean handmade coffee...


It’s one of Miss Cayman’s favorite go-to bags.  Tonie Chisholm is a big fan of the Siggy Bag, a made-in-Cayman product that is catching on with locals and visitors alike.


La dolce vita

“I like to mix contemporary elements with traditional pieces, it looks so much richer when layered,” she says. “The condo is filled with 18th century, crystal, china and silver.”


Rock-a-bye baby

The result is a 360-degree depiction of jungle, beach and ocean scenes, with monkeys swinging from trees, dolphins jumping over white-crested waves, and lions overlooking their cartoon kingdom.


Instant Gratification

In these days of Pinterest, even a minimalist approach to design is big and bold. From statement walls to the ubiquitous obsession with bohemian everything, big time interior statements demand equally large décor or...

Creations in clay

Colorful ceramics are a great way to brighten up any home and add a dash of panache.  And thanks to the art collective 3 Girls and a Kiln, an array of locally made ceramics can be purchased on-island.


Watercolours Bedroom

Interior Inspiration

When you move into a new home, congratulations are always in order. That said, what are you going to do with all that empty space? A blank canvas is exciting, but it can also be...

Must have it!

Styling your space this summer can be a breeze with bold and multi-functional accessories from our favorite home and garden stores. InsideOut went shopping to find a selection of show stopping home accents, certain...

Creating a cinema

It’s possible to create a dedicated home theater in any property, whether a new-build or an existing house.


Love it, don’t list it

It is hard to imagine wanting to leave one’s home on Seven Mile Beach. Even with the draw of more space and expanding infrastructure in other districts, a home on this stretch of perfect...

Kool Kai

The interior canvas of a new home in Cayman Kai is a crisp and neutral white, contrasting with the shimmering shades of sea-blues framed by huge windows.


Henrik’s fruit trees

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Green building council

 Back to Main Story:  Green for Gold The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit membership organization with a vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation.The council has grown to more than 18,000...

The Mulrys’ house

Although both couples have many things in common, their design tastes are the on opposite side of the spectrum; the Lawsons lean toward contemporary design, while the Mulrys preferences are more traditional.


Jazz It Up

Anna Rose Washburn of Marksons says placing furniture and rugs on the diagonal takes away the boredom of anchoring the furniture to the wall. Art can be repositioned accordingly.


On Broadway

“My intention was to build a theater that felt like you were sitting in a Broadway show,” 


Candace opens Captureista

Caymanian artist Candace Imparato has launched a business called Captureista which offers fine art photography and print-making services. 


At the wheel of green motoring

Drivers in the 35-50 age bracket, who are professional, educated, have a high income and are serious about eco-friendly products. Also ideal for anyone who wants to cut fuel costs and is keen to “go green”.