In control of technology

For those of you who might not be tech-savvy, pop into Audophile where the experts can show you exactly what the equipment does and how to install and use it.

Cayman Property Review 2011: An Independent Review by Charterland.

 Reports by prominent realtors throughout 2011 suggested that the year would be the strongest in terms of real estate sales since 2006, with increases in sales of 200% on 2010 being reported by the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association... 


Lighthouse Point a lesson in living lightly

Known as Lighthouse Point, this stunning stone building is not only home to high-quality, oceanfront apartments, it is also doing its bit for the environment.

In the Swim of things

Life doesn’t get much better than owning your own swimming pool. Relaxing by the edge, taking a leisurely dip in the cooling waters, entertaining family and friends on a hot Caribbean day; a swimming pool offers plenty of opportunities for relaxation and enjoyment. 

Go custom

As householders become ever more discerning when it comes to design for their home, many are choosing to “go custom” and opt for bespoke furniture and furnishings.


Creations in clay

Colorful ceramics are a great way to brighten up any home and add a dash of panache.  And thanks to the art collective 3 Girls and a Kiln, an array of locally made ceramics can be purchased on-island.


Are you properly insured?

Despite a difficult global climate, the good news is that the Cayman insurance industry has been able to keep premiums competitive and avoid increases for the majority of customers.

However, with an uncertain future, most people are looking for quality protection at a lower price. So what should they do? 

Be a colour chameleon

Colour is as important to the home as any other aspect of interior finishes.

Many homeowners find ways to incorporate accents of colour throughout the home, through furniture decorations such as cushions and throws, or...

Creating a cinema

It’s possible to create a dedicated home theater in any property, whether a new-build or an existing house.



Main Article:Lie of the LandName and title: John Doak, owner and RIBA president.Physical address:Studio 1, Dot Com Centre Dorcy Drive, George TownContact details:Tel: 946-3625Fax: 946-3637Web: johndoak.comEstablished: 2001Specialise in: I would say the market believes we’re...

A global guide to the barbecue

No country can lay claim to the barbecue. This time-honoured practice, which can be traced back to our first ancestors, is found in many different forms across the world. Yet all have one thing in common – the cooking of delicious food over fire.

Rums of the Caribbean

Rum. The mere word conjures visions of drunken pirates singing; of fruity drinks in tall glasses by the pool; of British sailors on the open seas. Above all, though, rum conjures visions of the Caribbean, where the spirit was born.

Core Values

The logistical challenge of keeping fit on board the cramped conditions of a submarine or naval vessel led to the creation of TRX suspension training – a novel approach to fitness by building core strength and flexibility.

Scrumptious seasonal delights

Summertime in the Cayman Islands is a time for lighter cuisine, easy-to-prepare dishes and outdoor cooking.


Life Threads

Main Story: Luxurious Silver RainLast year’s economic downturn brought heartache for many businesses. But for La Prairie, it provided the inspiration behind its new fragrance collection, Life Threads. “When we came up with Life Threads, we...

Art of the islands

Sandon Feat Gallery has quickly established itself as Grand Cayman’s premier art gallery. Located at Park Place on Seven Mile Beach, Sandon Feat Gallery features oil paintings by local artist CE Whitney.

Current landfill disposal

Back to Main Story:   Moving mountains Household waste: compacted on site and covered with dirt.Used motor oil and cooking oil: shipped to the US for recycling.Batteries (car and other types): shipped to US for...

Job for the weekend – let’s caulk!

Have you looked at the state of the sealants around your baths, sinks and windows lately?  Caulking is a waterproofing product which prevents costly leaks and though long lasting, if done properly, can get brittle, dull and start cracking over time. 

Linger longer

It was once the case that items on a restaurant’s menu were far more interesting than the surroundings in which the food was served.


Little Oasis

Part of the magic of a vacation is the physical departure from one country to another. There is also something to be said for escaping to a locale that isn’t overrun with tourists; one...