A fusion of Style

There is something magical about stepping into the home of a passionate chef. Even if there isn’t anything being prepared, the very idea that you are .... 

Weathering the storm

Living in paradise can have its drawbacks. When one of those drawbacks is hurricane season, it is worth factoring Mother Nature into your plans if you are designing or renovating a home.



Wine pairing

Sidebar:Blackbeard’s RecommendsJacques Scott RecommendsMénage à Trois RedMade of Zinfandel, Cabernet and Merlot, this red wine exposes the fresh, fruity flavours of California.  Zinfandel adds juicy character, Merlot mellows and Cabernet adds backbone to the...

On the fly

Jacques Scott has launched a new retail venture with Fly Buy. Located at Owen Roberts International Airport, the gift store offers coffee, snacks, souvenirs, newspapers and magazines. As it is located outside departures, Fly...

A long term vision

Although the new facility for the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands was not completed until early 2012, the designs were drawn up almost 13 years ago.

Professional and Personal Service makes the difference in your Security

 Read our article in the Inside Out Magazine, eversion  Your system is connected to an On Island central station to provide 24-hour a day monitoring of your home. Security professionals may contact you to...

The Eco Revolution. Small steps to reduce your environmental impact

As we enter a new decade, the environment is the word on everyone’s lips. But reducing our impact on the planet can seem like an overwhelming task. The key is to start small by making ...

MEP Co: Excellence in all we do

Today a handful of companies offer an alternative to traditional specialty construction by eliminating the problems that are encountered by having multiple individual construction companies for specific crafts.In a company such as MEPCO, the...

Moving mountains

When it comes to moving mountains – or at least helping reduce the size of the dump known as Mount Trashmore – it seems Cayman’s concerned residents and business people are leading the way.



Must have it!

  Cayman’s stores have a great selection of accessories and gadgets for your home. InsideOut went shopping to pick some of the best must-have items.  1. Wooden candlestick holders.   The Nook 916-0819       2. Hannah Cook “Cayman...

Spice up your kitchen

An entire kitchen overhaul may be too expensive or impossible due to floor-plan restrictions.


Bottle Blue

Restaurant recreates the colors of The Caribbean sea in its design details. By bottling the blues of the sea and sky in aspects of its interior design, Agua restaurant serves a sensory cocktail to delight its diners. The...

Upcycled furniture

While recycling processes waste for reuse, upcyling improves on this by turning the waste into a better product.


Boutique design

A fusion of cultures and colors dictated the design style of a new boutique bed and breakfast in West Bay.


Five things to consider when hanging paintings

Lighting is probably the most important consideration when hanging a painting. Halogen or LED track lights work well. If need be, use multiple spots to ensure no shadows are cast on the painting.


Scrumptious seasonal delights

Summertime in the Cayman Islands is a time for lighter cuisine, easy-to-prepare dishes and outdoor cooking.


Salon S Le mesnil blanc de blanc 1996

Sidebar: Lovely BubblyLe mesnil is a small vineyard where only in exceptional years do they pick the grapes – in the last 88 years they have made it only 35 times. It has fine...

Cayman Property Review 2011: An Independent Review by Charterland.

 Reports by prominent realtors throughout 2011 suggested that the year would be the strongest in terms of real estate sales since 2006, with increases in sales of 200% on 2010 being reported by the Cayman Islands Real Estate Brokers Association... 


Wood to have you floored

Wood doesn’t chip or crack when objects are dropped on it and it allows one to refinish the surface, and change the colour, look and texture. 


An eye on the future

A little foresight can go a long way to ensuring your home doesn’t become dated in this constantly-evolving world of technology and you don’t outgrow the space, location or amenities.
Future proofing your home means investing in your home now to save considerable money and effort in the years to come.