Built on dreams

Brad wanted a pool and an outdoor kitchen. Trisha dreamed of a spacious, indoor kitchen, with a walk-in pantry and plenty of storage. Brad liked the idea of a wet bar while Trisha entertained thoughts of a designated laundry room and neatly organised closets.


The Science of rum

As the master blender at Appleton Estate, the oldest rum company in Jamaica, Joy spends her days immersed in the process of creating rum.  

Top Picks from Jacques Scott

Want to be a culinary whizz in the kitchen this summer? InsideOut checked out some of this year’s hottest kitchen items available at the Jacques Scott Countryside Shopping Village store located in Savannah.  Le...

LENNOX SunSource Home Energy Systems Installed by Polar Bear

Q: What are some of the advantages of solar power?A: Solar power has a number of substantial advantages, from economical to environmental:Readily available. Electricity generated from sunlight is free and limitless.Energy savings. A SunSource®...

Best for the beach

Whether buying a lounge chair to sit on the sand, or furnishing a private stretch of beach on your property, there are many options to choose from in Cayman.


Synchronise it

There are some amazing apps that can change your life and keep you entertained in your home with ease.


Shed some Light

Bad lighting can be extremely unflattering, as anyone who has been unpleasantly shocked by their reflection in a changing room mirror will know. Good lighting, on the other hand, can be a great enhancer.

Must have it!

Cayman’s stores have a great selection of accessories and gadgets for your home. InsideOut went shopping to pick some of the best must-have items. Printed Coral CushionsWelcome Homet: 949-4663 Handmade ...

Italian inspiration

Main Story: Off the shelfPooley Design Studio T: 947 6780W: pooleydesignstudio.comPooley Design Studio is continuing to expand its range of products with the introduction of contractor-grade cabinets. This economical style enables the business to...

Colours of the East

Colour is one of the most stimulating elements in our lives, having the power to change our mood.


LIME TV is the entertainment of the future

Are you fed up with not being able to get phone assistance when you need it? Do you want to have access to fully licensed stations, video on demand, DVR capability and all of...

Local suppliers & contractors

Back to Main Story:    Key West twist Architect and interior design: Mike Stroh, Trio Cayman Ltd. General contractor: Brent McComb, Phoenix ConstructionOwner’s representative: Renee Edwards, Aptus Property Development & Property ManagementSmart home design...

Under the Cayman sun

With Cayman offering some of the best weather in the world, it is only natural to take advantage of the great outdoors.

Fabulous Floors

In a way, choosing flooring is like choosing a spouse: there are many different types, but you need to make the choice that is right for you. And you will have to live with that choice for a long time.

All the Rage

Jewellery designer Steven Anton Rehage has reached career highs that most could only dream of, from his tenure at Gucci to creating his own signature line. But, as Inside Out discovers, he’s still a humble Florida boy at heart.

Make your bedroom beautiful

InsideOut asked Karen Edie-Turner of Edie’s Décor for quick tips to remodel your bedroom.


Custom creations

The kitchen is the heart of the home. It is a place of entertainment and romance, a place to relax and indulge. So when it comes to building or renovating your house, whether an apartment for two or a sprawling family abode, it makes sense to invest in the customised kitchen of your dreams.

Beer – the best way to drink water

Although beer has only four ingredients, brewmasters have been able to develop an astounding array of types and flavours; and while beer has been around for almost 5,000 years, the basic process of making the brew has hardly changed.


Main Article: Lie of the LandName and title: Hedley Robinson, managing director.Physical address: 13 Midsummer Drive, SpottsContact details: Tel: 945-6655Fax: 945-6656Email: [email protected]: 1999Specialise in: Architectural firms have to be adaptive in our small market environment...

Outdoor floors

Looking to wake up a dull pool deck, patio or walkway, or add some glamour to your floor? Resurfacing offers many advantages to traditional concrete tear-out and replacement, lower cost and faster installation time, among them.