From trash to treasure

The old adage of one man’s trash is another man’s treasure certainly rings true for the Cayman Islands Humane Society.

A fusion of Style

There is something magical about stepping into the home of a passionate chef. Even if there isn’t anything being prepared, the very idea that you are .... 

Tile take-away

Supermarket jazzes up store with artisan tiles. Shoppers at the new-look Hurley’s supermarket are treated to a feast for the eyes, with decorative tiles adding an artisanal slant to the décor. The ornamental tiles are found...

Sea blue

“Breathtaking” really doesn’t quite express adequately the view as you step into Eamon and Helen McErlean’s home, “Sea Breeze.” Perched right on the water’s edge, the Old Prospect Point Road home is designed to take...

Rock-a-bye baby

The result is a 360-degree depiction of jungle, beach and ocean scenes, with monkeys swinging from trees, dolphins jumping over white-crested waves, and lions overlooking their cartoon kingdom.


A home elevator can add value to your home

 An elevator may not be the at the top of a first time home buyer’s wish list. However, it’s a home addition worthy of consideration, not just for older homeowners, but for those who may have elderly relatives.  


Weathering the storm

Living in paradise can have its drawbacks. When one of those drawbacks is hurricane season, it is worth factoring Mother Nature into your plans if you are designing or renovating a home.



Eclectic inspiration

There is nothing quite like being invited into the home of someone with a brilliant sense of creativity. Our homes are, after all, real life reflections of our proclivities and cultural influences. If you...

Life Threads

Main Story: Luxurious Silver RainLast year’s economic downturn brought heartache for many businesses. But for La Prairie, it provided the inspiration behind its new fragrance collection, Life Threads. “When we came up with Life Threads, we...

Design duo

Through their energetic approach, the design duo approach by stealth and, through their persuasive powers, take willing subjects under their wing. Colin and Justin not only redecorate homes, they change lives.


A dog’s best friend

They say that a dog is man’s best friend – but what happens if the dog won’t behave?


Beachside bliss

“I think it’s safe to say that we wish we could take the apartment back to Monaco with us.”  


A Jetsetter’s Dream

When The Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman first opened its doors to the public, it could have been said that royalty had taken up residence on these shores. The remarkable property, spanning two sides of prime Seven Mile real estate, was unlike anything seen before in the Cayman Islands.

Between the sheets

You spend at least a third of your life sleeping, so isn’t it worth doing it in comfort? To ensure the best night’s sleep possible, choose your bedding with care.


At 575 square feet, the Kosa’s home conveys majesty with a vaulted roof inspired by Pete Kosa’s passion for sailing.

Small but mighty

Small abodes are no longer restricted to enforced necessity, but also to desire. No longer confined to smaller budgets, but to simplified attitudes on what is important in life. It seems some homeowners are growing...

Rums of the Caribbean

Rum. The mere word conjures visions of drunken pirates singing; of fruity drinks in tall glasses by the pool; of British sailors on the open seas. Above all, though, rum conjures visions of the Caribbean, where the spirit was born.

Jazz It Up

Anna Rose Washburn of Marksons says placing furniture and rugs on the diagonal takes away the boredom of anchoring the furniture to the wall. Art can be repositioned accordingly.


Into the outdoors

For Phil Pace and Nancy Saur, communing with nature is a daily ritual. Indeed it is at the heart and soul of their rustic Conch Point Road home in West Bay. “Our home reflects our desire...

Champagne cocktails

Sidebar: Lovely BubblyChampagne JulepPlace one sugar cube and two sprigs of fresh mint into a chilled highball glass. Add two cubes of clear ice and slowly pour in well-chilled champagne or sparkling wine, stirring...

Wood to have you floored

Wood doesn’t chip or crack when objects are dropped on it and it allows one to refinish the surface, and change the colour, look and texture.