A bountiful garden

Tucked away in the Salt Creek community of Grand Cayman is a garden brimming with native species and mature fruit trees.


Mature trees add value

Mature trees are among Cayman’s most precious natural resources so it makes sense to preserve them wherever possible.


Enchant with a fairy garden

Fairies and other magical “wee folk” have long been fixtures in fables, myths and ancient folklore, in which these mystical beings have flitted across gardens. It is often said that they bring luck, prosperity, and good health to the chosen few whose garden they inhabit.


Prickly garden at Botanic Park

The new Xerophytic Garden will be a model for gardeners in the Cayman Islands who want to grow cactus or other low-maintenance plants that require little water.


A garden in harmony

The two-storey home blends seamlessly into its surroundings, hidden away among the lush natural foliage. 


Oasis shade

A garden without trees somehow feels incomplete. Trees create a sanctuary, not just for wildlife but also for us. The shade from a tree creates a cool oasis away from the heat of the day.   


A guide to Contained Gardens

Perhaps you live in an apartment with just a small balcony? Or perhaps you have a tiny outdoor space, such as a patio, back porch or even just a doorstep?    


Henrik Lindhardt gives his tips on how to correctly pot a plant

Drainage is important. Make sure the pot has a hole in the bottom and preferably a saucer to catch any drain off. Fill the bottom of the pot with a good layer of gravel...

Favourite Herbs

Add some punch to your cooking with fresh, home grown herbs. These fragrant plants add flavour to foods that could otherwise be bland and many have added nutritional benefits to boot too. Grow in...

Chef’s picks

Thomas Tennant, Chef de Cuisine at Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink restaurant, picks his top three herbs. 


Journey down the wet road

Lincoln Road. Rodeo Drive. The Champs-Élysées. The world’s most famous roads are memorable for a variety of reasons, but they all have one thing in common–good design. When a road has been well designed, it becomes more than just a thoroughfare. 


Designing a garden

Designing your own garden? Tom Balon of Vigoro Nursery shares his design tips with InsideOut.


A garden of Treasures

It can be difficult to create a lush tropical garden in Cayman’s harsh climate, particularly when the property is situated on the shores of North Sound.   But for the Hesters, it was a simply another challenge on the way to building their dream home.

Water Wise

 Bright green, freshly mowed, neatly trimmed and blossoming: your garden is your pride and joy. Until your water bill arrives, that is. When the summer showers peter out, keeping your garden in bloom can put...

A field of greens

The idea of a waiting list for lettuce may seem absurd. But, after one taste of Patrick Panton’s crisp, delicious baby greens, it is easy to understand why this unassuming vegetable has suddenly become one of the most in-demand foods on island.

The Organic Gardener

In the past few years, Cayman’s culinary industry has been swept by an organic revolution.This push towards fresh, locally-grown produce is changing the way consumers think about food.  

Escape to Paradise

With views that encompass the breathtaking water and a private park for the children, this is a garden of adventure and relaxation, of joy-filled games and long afternoons by the pool.  

Gardens of the gallery

Indeed, the aim was to create an outdoor space that was an attraction in its own right. And, with the design team of Margaret Barwick and Sandy Urquhart at the helm, in their first collaboration in the Cayman Islands, the grounds are destined to amaze. 


Little gardeners discover a love of the land

At Little Trotters, there is no age limit on a green thumb. As part of its holistic approach to education, the nursery has created a vegetable patch in the school yard. The young pupils, who range from two years old to five years old,

Start chemical free gardening

Green gardening practices can be easy to adopt and provide peace of mind that your efforts to harness Mother Nature are not inadvertently harmful.
Elements of green gardening include composting, gardening with native plants, eliminating invasive exotics, and creating wildlife habitats. These often work in tandem.