Blooming News – Garden Club Helps Beautify Jasmine

Lush landscaping provides sanctuary for patients. The Garden Club of Grand Cayman has given a helping hand to Jasmine, arranging for the beautification of its grounds. Jasmine, formerly known as Cayman HospiceCare, recently opened in its...

Try a terrarium

Create a mini-greenhouse for small plants. Terrariums have entered interior décor style lists in recent times. Gaining popularity amongst millennials as a way of integrating tiny gardens into small living spaces, terrariums are fast becoming the plant...

Desert bloomers

The new Xerophytic Garden at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is now open to the public, showcasing an array of cacti and succulents.


Playful Pots

It started with a broken pot. Looking for a way to patch it up, Joyce Dunbar came up with a creative solution: piece it back together with colourful mosaic tiles. “I patched it up on the...

A garden in harmony

The two-storey home blends seamlessly into its surroundings, hidden away among the lush natural foliage. 


InsideOut joins Garden Club

InsideOut magazine is delighted to have become a “Platinum Friend” of the Garden Club of Grand Cayman.


A field of greens

The idea of a waiting list for lettuce may seem absurd. But, after one taste of Patrick Panton’s crisp, delicious baby greens, it is easy to understand why this unassuming vegetable has suddenly become one of the most in-demand foods on island.

A guide to Contained Gardens

Perhaps you live in an apartment with just a small balcony? Or perhaps you have a tiny outdoor space, such as a patio, back porch or even just a doorstep?    


Seaside garden blooms

Having a garden by the sea on the south shore of Grand Cayman is a challenge.  The salt air and the sand are permanent problems that daunt all but the most determined of green-fingered enthusiasts.


Henrik Lindhardt gives his tips on how to correctly pot a plant

Drainage is important. Make sure the pot has a hole in the bottom and preferably a saucer to catch any drain off. Fill the bottom of the pot with a good layer of gravel...

A bountiful garden

Tucked away in the Salt Creek community of Grand Cayman is a garden brimming with native species and mature fruit trees.


Escape to Paradise

With views that encompass the breathtaking water and a private park for the children, this is a garden of adventure and relaxation, of joy-filled games and long afternoons by the pool.  

Going native

The Native Tree Nursery at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is propagating a selection of native species that are ideal for Cayman’s landscape.  


The Growing Trend of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are having a major moment right now. With tropical prints and pineapples taking shape in almost anything, this has transpired into real, living jungle-scapes. And with ample inspiration on mood board website...

A walk amongst the orchids

Elaine Young’s garden is more to her than a collection of plants. It is a place of relaxation, reflection, and where she keeps her mind and body in tune. In fact, she refers to it...

A garden palette

“I love my garden, the different textures and colors.  I always try to pick plants to give a different dimension. Things are constantly changing – we’re always adding and improving.”


A garden of Treasures

It can be difficult to create a lush tropical garden in Cayman’s harsh climate, particularly when the property is situated on the shores of North Sound.   But for the Hesters, it was a simply another challenge on the way to building their dream home.

Water Wise

 Bright green, freshly mowed, neatly trimmed and blossoming: your garden is your pride and joy. Until your water bill arrives, that is. When the summer showers peter out, keeping your garden in bloom can put...

Prickly garden at Botanic Park

The new Xerophytic Garden will be a model for gardeners in the Cayman Islands who want to grow cactus or other low-maintenance plants that require little water.


Putting down roots

World-renowned horticulturalist Michael Ferrero brings a wealth of plant knowledge with him to Cayman from around the globe.





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Playful Pots