Blooming news: Garden Club update

The Garden Club of Grand Cayman is currently primarily focused on preparations for the upcoming Flower Show, scheduled for March 31 – April 1, 2017.

Such an event requires a great deal of planning, and therefore this is not an unusual amount of time to begin the organizational process.

It also happens to be the club’s 60th anniversary in 2017 – on April 16, to be precise – which will be celebrated throughout the year.

On this same date in 1957, Mrs. Allan H. Donald started what would blossom into an organization of remarkable longevity and importance. The Garden Club now boasts an active membership of more than 60 gardening enthusiasts, who have worked on numerous community projects on an entirely voluntary basis.

“I am proud that the club has made such a contribution to the beauty and wellbeing of the Cayman Islands,” said Club President Ora Hollebon. “Particularly when it comes to our community projects for those who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford the landscaping we provide.

Lora Freifeld
Lora Freifeld

“Many people may not know that the club did the landscaping for the original airport; the George Town Library; and the Red Cross building.

“A DVD covering our history will be seen by the general public for the first time at the Flower Show next year, and will repeat throughout the event.”

Current projects

There are many planting projects that have been undertaken by the organization in recent months, including work on the Frances Bodden Girls Home and the Mission House in Bodden Town, in conjunction with the National Trust.

The latter had its grounds planted by the members years ago, but now new plantings are required.

Beyond specific medium- to long-term projects, the Garden Club actively participates in flora-related events. Representatives were present at the QEII Botanic Park Earth Day celebration in April, and members toured the medicinal gardens at Health City Cayman Islands in May.

A program of activities and events through 2017 is presently being created to satisfy the varying interests of the club’s members.


Anyone who wishes to join the Garden Club of Grand Cayman may do so by emailing [email protected] or [email protected] Alternatively, call 925-5531 or 925-6520.

The annual membership fee is $25.

Upcoming events

The Garden Club keeps a calendar of its upcoming events on its website, under the “Let’s Get to the Root of it” section.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • Sept. 1  |  3 p.m.
    Program: Orchard Tour
    Venue: West Bay
  • Oct. 6  |  3 p.m.
    Program: Garden Tour
    Venue: Savannah
  • Dec. 1  |  6:30 p.m.
    Program: Christmas Dinner and Auction
    Note: Members only
    Venue: TBA