Tomlinson rebuilding store

In addition to furniture and mattresses, the shop will stock a greater selection of accessories such as rugs, lamps and paintings, and will also have outdoor furniture. 


Candace opens Captureista

Caymanian artist Candace Imparato has launched a business called Captureista which offers fine art photography and print-making services. 


Natural throws

Due to customer demand, Rugs Oriental is now offering beautiful cotton “throws” for sofas, chairs and beds. 


Atlantis Collection

Recall the majestic history of the mythical lost city of Atlantis in your home. Power Flower Nursery on Crewe Road, has now added a brand aptly named the Atlantis Collection.


Window treatment

Back to Main Story: In the darkPlantation shuttersPopular in the Caribbean for their aesthetic qualities, these can be made from wood or PVC. Wood shutters are recommended for the tropical climate as they...

Pools to dive for

Evolving technologies are putting swimming pools within financial reach of more people all the time.


Don’t throw out the bathtub

The rise and rise of the home spa – InsideOut takes a look at showers, tubs and basins available in Cayman for the ultimate bathroom indulgence.


Flooring trends

Back to Main Story:    Wood to have you floored Tips for the latest look:Go Large  floor tiles are getting bigger and bigger all the time. While 12x12-inch tiles were once standard, now 24x24...

Details, features, trends

Back when kitchens tended to be cramped, cluttered spaces quite separate from the living and dining area of the home, this was a slightly awkward truth for hosts. 


Colonial accents

While many new houses are veering towards a contemporary, cutting-edge design, there is a stunning canal-side residence in Grand Cayman with a look linked to the past.



Back to Main Story: The colour purple Architect – John DoakBuilder – BCQSInterior design, furnishings and landscape architecture – The Design StudioCustom master bed – John Bird with Marlet DesignCustom entertainment unit in the...

An insider’s guide to the best design blogs

Lydia Uzzell, designer and owner of Designworks Ltd., offers an insider’s guide on which blogs to follow for design ideas.


Start with an energy audit

What good is a new thermostat if you are blowing much of the conditioned air into the attic as a result of leaky ductwork.


LogicTV – it makes sense

Richard Munday, vice president of international business development with Logic Communications, examines the changing role of fibre optic communications as they relate to our daily lives.


Capture the breeze

InsideOut explores traditional West Indian architecture as a means to help regulate the temperature of your home.


Traditional methods

Some “old-fashioned” principles of keeping a Cayman home cool, Doak explains, included the following:Cross ventilation – works best if both sides of the room or house are opened up to create draught. Traditional Cayman...

Keep cool this summer

Air conditioning is not just about cooling air, it also cuts down on humidity as cool air cannot carry as much moisture as warm air.


Clean the filters

Back to Main Story:    Keep cool this summer Air conditioner filters prevent dust particles, bacteria and other substances being blown into a room during the cooling process, but the filters subsequently become clogged...

In the dark

A cool way to block out light and help regulate the temperature of a room is to have stylish and practical window treatments.


Keeping our heritage in trust

Cayman’s architectural heritage is one of the country’s most precious assets, important to celebrate and preserve for future generations.