There is no question that there is an art to flower arranging. Anyone who has brought home a bouquet of roses or other popular blooms knows that simply dumping long stalks in a stumpy vase does those flowers no justice.

That being said, you don’t have to be an expert in the field to create some truly beautiful arrangements. With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can gather ye rosebuds with ease.

Basic tools

Don’t go bananas and buy everything related to flower arranging in one go, but do get yourself some basic tools to make the job much easier.

A good pair of scissors that can be used for pruning and cutting stems is an excellent start. You also can’t go wrong with floral tape and wire, perfect for keeping blooms neat and tidy.

If you’re planning to put your flowers in water, rather than in a bouquet, have a few different shapes and sizes of vases on hand to accommodate a range of designs.

Floral foam is used by most florists on the island, providing a rigid base into which stems can be pushed. It keeps them nicely in place and is also very water absorbent, acting as a preservative to prolong the life of the flowers.

If you really want to spring (botanical reference there) for some nice gear, consider an apron with pockets so you can easily reach your tools and save on counter space.


Picking your flowers

When new to the world of flower arranging, it is probably wise not to start with the most exotic, expensive varieties on the market. Cayman’s florists stock an impressive collection of local and imported blossoms, so you have plenty to choose from.

For practicing purposes, visit Every Bloomin’ Thing for its Flower Market Fridays, when certain flowers are heavily discounted. You’ll find everything from calla lilies and carnations to daisies and roses.

Decide on your color theme, and pick flowers that make a statement, yet are reasonably priced. At least that way if you make a mistake, it won’t be an expensive one. Experiment with rarer blooms when you become more confident with your skills.

As we enter the fall season, which leads to winter and the festive time of year, popular colors tend toward the reds and oranges of the spectrum. However, with only subtle changes occurring between the seasons in the Caribbean, and the 2016 hot trend of yellow flowers, such as sunflowers and yellow orchids, according to International Floral Distributors, it seems you can’t go wrong with a heady mix of warm colors.

Arranging and displaying

The Internet’s vase runneth over when it comes to suggestions, videos, and step-by-step guides on how to arrange flowers. Karen Burling of Petite Petal Co. suggests incorporating her three-step rule of “a thriller, filler and a spiller,” where the thrillers are eye-catching, large blossoms; the fillers are smaller flowers that add fullness and texture; and the spillers are those that “have a natural drape to them.”

Another way to add dramatic effect is to bend large leaves around your arrangement, and pin them in place.

Flowers in a house or apartment can make all the difference – their color and scent add so much to your décor. Think outside the box by creating a garland of flowers that can be draped over bookcases or along tables to enhance a room, particularly for a party.

Put a welcoming bouquet in a guest bedroom, either in a vase on a table, or wrapped as a posy on the bed betwixt the pillows.

Finally, why arrange alone when you can create a party out of the concept? Get a group of flowers and friends together, along with scissors, paper and string, and see what imaginative designs blossom.