Jacqueline Imparato’s master suite at Caribbean Club.

The terms “bachelor pad” and “man cave” have been bandied about for years, conjuring visions of living spaces or single rooms festooned with décor and accessories typically embraced by the male of the species: leather recliners; the largest flat screen TV available on the market; sporting memorabilia; and maybe even a fully stocked bar.

Now, after many years, the term “bachelorette pad” has also rooted itself firmly in the modern lexicon. Savvy businesswomen buy and live in properties that allow them a respite from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Somewhere out there, Jane Austen sends up a cheer.

Caribbean Club life

Jacqueline Imparato moved into her present dwelling at Caribbean Club in 2012, and although she shares it with her roommate Deanna and her dog, Jessie, the luxurious apartment can absolutely be classified as a bachelorette pad of the highest order.

The 3,200-square-foot space is not restricted by its mere mortal measurements in any way, thanks to windows designed to take full advantage of the natural light and breathtaking views of Seven Mile Beach, the sea, and the far horizon.

“My bedroom is my favorite room,” says Jacqueline of her master suite bathed in pure white. “I love watching the sun set over Seven Mile every evening.

“I really wanted to take advantage of the large windows. In my opinion, no color can compare with the Caribbean Sea, so I wanted the focus to be on that,” she explains, referencing the minimalist palette she chose.

Although she admits to being a “girly girl,” she says that the décor also nicely reflects the two sides of the “city girl who loves shopping and high heels” and the person who grew up on a horse ranch in Texas wearing cowboy boots.

Art collection

The neutral walls throughout the apartment allow for Jacqueline’s eclectic collection of artwork to take center stage. Pieces in the bedrooms, living room, entranceway and dining area come from “all over,” and have special significance for her.



“A lot of the pieces reflect places I have traveled to, along with memories I have of them,” she says.

“My Grey Malin prints are of Texas and Italy; the Ertés are French; the Umbrella Girls are Cuban; the pink piece above the bar cart is from Israel; and of course, I have my own work.”


Furniture and accessories

Nice things do not have to cost a fortune … I find it exciting to transform a piece into my very own.

The luxe design of the furnishings and accessories, right down to the monogrammed sheets on the master bed and the retro record players in the living spaces, implies a significant budget. Jacqueline is quick to reassure those embarking on their first bachelorette pad purchase that items can be found for a bargain if they’re willing to put in the time.

“Nice things do not have to cost a fortune,” she emphasizes. “My carib-clubfirst furniture actually came from consignment stores. I recovered and repainted a lot of the items to give them a fresh look. I find it exciting to transform a piece into your very own.

“Today, my favorite home stores are Z Gallerie, West Elm, and One Kings Lane. I am signed up to their email subscriptions so I always know when sales are on.

“I have fallen in love with stuff that had ridiculous price tags, but was thankfully able to find replicas on those sites at a fraction of the cost.”

When pressed for her secret source of the bedsheets, she admits that Restoration Hardware is “my absolute favorite place for bedding.”


Much like Bridget Jones – who was probably an inspiration for many women buying bachelorette pads – Jacqueline loves entertaining in her home … although it can safely be said that her cooking skills are superior to those of Ms. Jones.

“[My favorite get-togethers are] dinner parties,” she enthuses. “I try to do a weekly dinner with friends where we each find a new recipe and then learn to cook it with each other.

“I can fit eight people at my dinner table comfortably, but I tend to end up squeezing a few more in. My philosophy is ‘the more, the merrier!’

“I love cooking! My cooking style is a bit of a mixed bag: my favorite dishes to make are eggplant parmesan, beef Wellington and cheese enchiladas.”


caribbean-club2Although those visiting Jacqueline’s home might marvel at its many elements, thoughtfully placed and designed, and consider it a finished project, its owner is always looking for new inspirations and ideas.

“[I always] enjoy taking inspiration from interior design magazines such as InsideOut [smiles]; blogs; Pinterest; and other forms of social media, [along with] designs I see in hotels and stores.

“If I see a color scheme or layout I like, I usually take a picture.”

Jacqueline describes her style as “Trendy. Feminine. Eclectic.” Her girlfriends simply sum it up in one word: creative.