Blooming News

The Novice Mini Show was well attended.

The Garden Club of Grand Cayman had a busy year celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2017. But that doesn’t mean they are taking a break in 2018, as members are committed to promoting the love of gardening and undertaking community beautification projects.

Recent events

In place of the usual Standard Flower Show, this year the club held a Novice Mini Flower Show in March for members and guests only.

“This was a different approach to get more members involved on a private basis in preparation for a larger flower show should we have one in the future,” explains Garden Club President Ora Hollebon. “It was all about learning to do designs and getting a wider membership participation.”

Categories at the Novice Mini Flower Show included Wearin O’ the Green, Maypole and Spring Fling centerpieces, and the Blue-ribbon winners of each of these categories progressed out of “novice” category.

Another exciting event hosted by the club this year was Family Fun Day at the Botanic Park in January. The event offered such activities as games, crafts, a magic show and live entertainment as well as tours of park areas. Plants and refreshments were also on sale.

“The event drew the largest crowd ever to the Botanic Park, with over 1,000 attending,” says Ora. “It is an annual affair and we look forward to next year’s Family Fun Day.”

March also saw the departure of the Garden Club’s patron, Her Excellency Helen Kilpatrick.
When it comes to community enhancements, the Garden Club has plans for two new projects this year: At the Golden Age Home in West Bay and the new Cayman HospiceCare facility on West Bay Road.

“We are wrapping up the Scouts building landscaping gardening project as well as East End Sunrise cottage’s landscaping, which were projects begun in 2017,” says Ora.