Seaside Sophistication

Rum Point residence exudes waterfront glamour.

The elegance and relevance of contemporary coastal chic has been encapsulated by a South Florida interior design firm in their styling of a new North Side residence.

Palm Beach Gardens-based firm The Decorators Unlimited breathed colour and character into the first finished unit at Rum Point Club Residences, upping the ante for design in this corner of Cayman.

North Side has traditionally been the “slower side” of Grand Cayman, leaving the ritz and razzamatazz of island life to Seven Mile Beach. The on-trend design of this one-bed apartment, however, indicates that a larger sprinkling of sophistication is about to cross the North Sound in terms of upscale apartments.

Photos: Candace Bailey, Black Sheep Studio. Aerial ocean artwork by Candace Bailey

Island elements

And while the residence exudes international flair, it also incorporates island elements to connect the apartments to its environs, through colours, textures and art.

“We wanted to make sure that, while the interiors didn’t distract from the ocean view, they maintained their own sense of identity,” says Jack Lonetto from The Decorators Unlimited, who worked on the residence along with fellow company designer Jason Lynn.

“Jason and I felt the real showpiece for the interior space was the view to the ocean. As such, our base palette remained white to anchor the clean, contemporary vibe we were looking for, and colour was introduced through art, pillow fabrics, carpet and wall coverings.

“We utilised driftwood-tone accent furniture pieces for texture and a direct reference to beach life.”

The wallpapers are an especially fun introduction to the unit, with both papers paying homage to the ocean in different ways.

The colourful foyer paper is reminiscent of waves of water washing onto a sandy beach, while the understated bedroom accent-paper is reflective of water shadows on the ocean floor.


“We’ve brought a lot of the island in with art,” explains Jacqueline Imparato-Marriott, who is a director of Rum Point Club. She had a hands-on role, working with the architects, art director and interior designers, overseeing all aesthetic aspects of the property.

“We used local artists and aimed to capture the Cayman vibe…,” she says.

Jacqueline worked closely with Candace Bailey of local art company Black Sheep Studio to source the pieces on display.

“Candace saw this as a great opportunity for local artists to shine,” Jacqueline explains. “She and the Kennedy Gallery have been working hand-in-hand to provide us with high quality artwork, printing and custom framing.”

The Rum Point Club Residences team collaborated with local artists, graphic designers, photographers and painters.

“It’s exciting collaborating with so many different disciplines and unique creatives; it really keeps things fresh,” adds Jacqueline.


Colours in the interior reflect the stunning blue hues of the water stretching into the horizon.
“We also wanted to bring in the island element with the colour scheme,” says Jacqueline.

“The different uses of blues are meant to mimic the beautiful Caribbean Sea. We believe the island’s greatest amenity is the sea.”

The 1,452-square-foot apartment has been primarily designed for people on vacation but nonetheless has high-end fixtures and fittings that are a far cry from the beach accommodation of days gone by.

A huge bed along with a lay-down-all-day sofa, fully equipped kitchen and beautiful bathroom, all provide the comforts and mod-cons for today’s seaside holiday guests.

But when you tire of gazing at the aquamarine colours, swimming, sunbathing or sipping one of the Rum Point’s famous mudslides, there is a place to float away after the delights of the day: in the apartment’s huge bath tub.

“We want people to feel at ease and be able to relax,” says Jacqueline. “Rum Point is one of the last parts of Cayman where time can still stand still. What better way to enjoy that than in a soaking tub?”