Eco-friendly meets eclectic design at The Lodge, a social spot comprising three distinct rooms that flow into one casual, relaxed setting.

While The Tavern, The Barrel Room and The Eco Den Café incorporate the same eco-practices, each comes with its own character-filled theme.

Co-owners J.R. Cameron and Paul Lankford opened The Lodge in June 2018 in a bid to create something different in Grand Cayman for people to congregate socially. One of their main missions was to reduce single-use plastics, so everything in The Lodge is either plant-based or recyclable.

An old piano serves as a décor item in the coffeehouse.

From cups and straws made of polylactic acid (a bio-based plastic made from renewable raw materials such as corn-based resin) to biodegradable take-out containers, J.R. and Paul are committed to helping the environment. Drinks are also served with pasta straws, while reusable glass straws are available for purchase.

Many of their clientele are excited to support the eco-initiative, but J.R. says there’s a lot of people who still don’t know about the problems with Cayman’s landfill or lack of recycling.
“We have been developing a system to recycle the plant-based plastics we use to try and keep them out of the ground, too,” he says.

This includes a plastic shredder, extruder, and 3D printer to make souvenirs like key chains and coffee sleeves so that tourists can “bring the plastic off our island and back to the mainland where they can be processed better.”

Plans are also underway to collect plastic materials found during beach cleanups that can be turned into reusable items via the new in-house technology.

Photos: Stephen Clarke

Surf theme

The Barrel Room is a sailing-surf-themed pub with a retail component. “Barrel” is a well-known surf term that refers to a hollow or tube-like wave – the be all and end all for most surfers, but J.R. says the inspiration for the room also comes from traditional ski or fishing lodges found in the north.

Leaning against the wall are a variety of surfboards that customers are free to borrow and bring back after their surf sessions; T-shirts and hats are also for sale, as well as Peripheral sunglasses, housed in a glass cabinet along the side wall. (Peripheral is a separate venture of J.R.’s that donates 50 percent of profits to charities of the buyer’s choice).

Paul Lankford uses the in-house 3D printer to recycle plastics into souvenir items.

On the other end of The Lodge is The Tavern, a traditional bar that offers regular live entertainment, including karaoke and live bands; it’s also a place to watch sports on the TVs.

Eclectic fireplaces adorn the walls and natural woods abound – an impressive bar acts as the main focal point, while a wooden staircase leads to more seating upstairs.

Sandwiched in the middle is The Eco-Den Café, where coffee, smoothies and food are offered in the morning and afternoon. Patrons are encouraged to bring their own cup.

Local produce and eggs are used in recipes as much as possible, with some vegan and vegetarian options also on the menu. The seating area is fitted with a vintage piano, fireplace, and plush velvet seating, as well as a wall-mounted TV.

The Lodge is the ideal social hub from morning to night and J.R. sees it as a place to come and go throughout the day.

“Whether before heading off on your island adventures, in between when you need a recharge with a meal and another coffee or drink, or in the evening for live entertainment or just meeting friends to watch a game.”