With the hygge hype of the past few years blowing over, the new Scandinavian concept of the minute is “lagom”, a Swedish word, which translates to mean “just the right amount”.

Just like hygge, lagom, the Swedish secret to living a more sustainable life, determines a lifestyle that they actively embrace.

Live lagom

Lagom denotes an overarching concept that this lifestyle will make you happier and more satisfied with your contribution.

This is something that the Swedes have become experts at achieving since Sweden is regularly named one of the happiest countries in the world.

Lagom centres around the idea of creating balance in all aspects of life. It rejects materialism, extravagance and waste and embraces frugality. One can find lagom by spending discerningly and within ones means, living in an efficient and sustainable way and having a good work/life balance.

Like hygge, lagom has also been spun into a design trend with interior powerhouse, IKEA creating the ‘Live LAGOM’ community to teach people how to live more sustainably and that small changes can make a lasting impact.

“Lagom är bäst” translates to ‘the right amount is best’ in English, and for the Swedish, this is the key to sustainable living, encouraging people to use just the right amount of food, energy or water and leave the rest for the planet.

While living lagom centres around people’s actions and the environment while encouraging frugality and minimalism, it also promotes a beautiful home and a comfortable, relaxing atmosphere with a focus on green energy and sustainability.

Creating a lagom environment at home or at work is more straightforward than it might seem. Based around functionality and practicality, it may be more about paring back your interior, rather than adding to it.

A guide to creating lagom at home

Create the basis of the room’s interior with simple colour schemes in warm, neutral tones. The right neutral shade will embody the cosy simplicity of lagom.

Strike the perfect balance between maximising space and minimising clutter. The interior and its contents should be practical and functional. Steer clear of trend pieces, instead opt for purpose-built furniture that is useful and comfortable. Edit accessories and declutter anything lacking function.

The minimalist aspect of lagom imitates Marie Kondo’s ethos of KonMari; being tidy rather than empty, and lagom embraces surrounding yourself with the things that make you happy. Furnish in sets and keep accessories in symmetry to keep the equilibrium.

Don’t let Scandi minimalism force you to compromise on comfort. Ultimately feeling relaxed and comfortable at home is paramount. Choose snug textures when picking out seating and soft furnishings and opt for a rug or carpet instead of wooden floors.

Sustainability is the foundation of lagom. Making your home as energy efficient as possible and living in a sustainable space creates a more lagom lifestyle for the dweller. A home that makes the dweller mindful of their impact on the rest of the world is where this Swedish lifestyle ultimately ends up.

The addition of energy efficient technology is welcomed in the lagom lifestyle and even the smallest contribution is appreciated. Recycling waste and upcycling furniture are both ways to make your home more sustainable.

Creating a focal point in the room will help to centre your interior décor. Dedicating a wall or corner of a room to a green space is a great way to bring lagom to life in your home.

Incorporating plants inside benefits health and wellbeing and will create an atmosphere of harmony and balance while maintaining the sustainable element of lagom. Introduce a herb garden or fruit tree to your indoor plant collection to save on your weekly grocery bill.