The Growing Trend of Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are having a major moment right now. With tropical prints and pineapples taking shape in almost anything, this has transpired into real, living jungle-scapes. And with ample inspiration on mood board website...

Blooming News

The Garden Club of Grand Cayman had a busy year celebrating its Diamond Jubilee in 2017. But that doesn’t mean they are taking a break in 2018, as members are committed to promoting the...
Vertical Garden - Bodden Town, Grand Cayman

Growing Up

Convenience, esthetics and fresh organic taste all come into play in Nick and Avril Ward’s inventive vertical herb garden. The garden sports an abundance of fresh herbs, which the Bodden Town couple use daily in...

Greening small spaces

Space-challenged gardeners can still make a green statement with a few creative ideas that make the most of what they have. Small balconies, patios, decks or even tiny backyards can be all transformed into a...

Eden in East End

A couple’s cozy coastal hideaway is a garden of delights. Driving through Gun Bay, passing the rustic Eastern seascape and quaint Caymanian abodes, one could easily overshoot and miss the home of Berna and Steve...

Herb Gardening for Beginners

If you’re a budding gardener, growing an herb garden is easier than you think and an ideal way to flex your green thumb. Plus, you get the satisfaction of seasoning your culinary creations with...

A Nature for Nurturing

The love of gardening is a seed once sown that never dies. - Gertrude Jekyll For Vivian Bould, that seed was planted as a young girl growing up in Ireland. It blossomed as a teenager...

Blooming flower arranging

There is no question that there is an art to flower arranging. Anyone who has brought home a bouquet of roses or other popular blooms knows that simply dumping long stalks in a stumpy...

The butterfly effect

Fascinated by butterflies from an early age, Joanne Mercille-Ross has created a garden designed to attract Cayman’s fluttering species. She has dedicated herself to studying and recording the insects, and delights in the numbers which...

A garden sanctuary

The old adage that one man’s trash is another man’s treasure is certainly true for one couple creating a new garden in Cayman. Terry Siklenka and his green-fingered wife Maxine have established a lush oasis...

Blooming news: Garden Club update

The Garden Club of Grand Cayman is currently primarily focused on preparations for the upcoming Flower Show, scheduled for March 31 – April 1, 2017. Such an event requires a great deal of planning, and...

Going native

The Native Tree Nursery at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is propagating a selection of native species that are ideal for Cayman’s landscape.  


Children’s Garden plans take root

Fund-raising has started for a Children’s Garden to be created at the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park.


Join the club

InsideOut is also a new member of the Cayman Islands Orchid Society, which meets on the second Saturday of every month.  


InsideOut joins Garden Club

InsideOut magazine is delighted to have become a “Platinum Friend” of the Garden Club of Grand Cayman.


Seaside garden blooms

Having a garden by the sea on the south shore of Grand Cayman is a challenge.  The salt air and the sand are permanent problems that daunt all but the most determined of green-fingered enthusiasts.


The healing gardens

The holistic and humanitarian approach to healthcare by heart specialist Dr. Devi Shetty goes beyond the walls of his new hospital in East End.


Top 10 Trees at Camana Bay

Trees around Camana Bay not only provide shade but they have become an attraction to passersby, who are on their way to socialize, shop and work.


A garden palette

“I love my garden, the different textures and colors.  I always try to pick plants to give a different dimension. Things are constantly changing – we’re always adding and improving.”


The grass is always greener

Maintaining a manicured lawn in a garden by the sea can often prove difficult.  The salt spray and variable weather conditions mean that it’s a constant battle to have the grass always looking green.