Making an Entrance

Your home’s entrance way can make an eye-catching statement. This space is often overlooked, but it’s an important part of the home. It is the first room that a visitor sees, as well as the...

Benefits of Bush Teas

Advice from a medical practitioner should be sought regarding any health concerns related to drinking bush teas.

Vertical Garden - Bodden Town, Grand Cayman

Growing Up

Convenience, esthetics and fresh organic taste all come into play in Nick and Avril Ward’s inventive vertical herb garden. The garden sports an abundance of fresh herbs, which the Bodden Town couple use daily in...

The KonMari method

While we may often feel we are the kings or queens of our castles, it may be our castles, and what is contained in them, which are ruling us. The state of our surroundings has...

Battery power for the home

As more households in the Cayman Islands invest in solar, installing a home battery makes sense. Homeowners in Cayman are about to have another option when it comes to renewable energy. The Tesla Powerwall will soon...

Be our guest: the ultimate guest room

A few towels and some clean sheets may do for some guest bedrooms, but going the extra mile in the design and setup of your spare room will pamper visitors and give them a...

Flavour Infusions

Back to Main Story: The Perfect Solution Make drinking your eight-a-day a delight by infusing your water with slices of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs.Nutritionists agree that combining fruits and vegetables can enhance the flavour and...

Win a fabulous furniture set

The set comprises two benches, a table and two director’s side chairs from the White Sands Collection by Il Giardino Di Legno. 


Creature comforts

Providing a comfy spot for your pet to rest is essential - a personal space where they feel safe. 


Contemporary Retreat

One of the hallmarks of great design is attention to detail. That’s apparent in a master bathroom revamp by Michelle Butler and David Wilson of The Design Studio – a revitalizing remodel that makes a dramatic before-and-after...

Gourmet grilling

These delicious recipes are guaranteed to delight your taste buds. It’s the perfect  excuse to fire up the barbecue!  Barbecued Satay Chicken Skewers

Maintenance levels for pets

Check out these maintenance levels for pets:  Low maintenance pets, medium maintenance pets and high maintenance pets ...

Design-inspiring cities

Those in creative industries understand the importance of inspiration. Travel can tap into creative energy and lead to new directions. Here, Cayman designers and architects dish on the cities that captivate them. Toronto Lori McRae Interior Designer Frederick...

What’s new in pools

Above: An infinity pool overlooking the sea at Tranquility Cove by Luxury Cayman Villas. Pool designs have become an expression of style and a reflection of a home’s character. When it comes to the latest...


InsideOut has selected a collection of design books which will not only look stylish on your bookshelf or coffee table but are a great source of inspiration for home décor.

Simply Pasta

Fresh pasta is not very difficult to make, but it does take some work. One you taste the difference of fresh pasta, you’ll not want to eat dry pasta again.

A tale of Tea

In cultures all over the world, tea has long played a role in social rituals.

Poolside Paradise

The pool, which has two lounge areas that give the effect of floating on the water, appears to extend out to become a part of the waterways. It’s a feature John Doak describes as “poolisciousness”...

Get the right pet

When it comes to choosing a pet, it can be easy to fall for a cute face, soft colour of fur or an exotic persona.

But bringing an animal into your home is about much more than appearances. There are a number of factors that you need to consider before taking on the responsibility of a new pet, whether it has fins, feathers or fur. 

Mango and Ginger Soup

(serves 4 or multiple shot glasses)2 mangoes1 onion1 cup cold water¼ tsp Scotch bonnet or other pepper (to taste)1 lime1tsp grated or minced gingerSalt and pepper to tastePeel, de-stone and cut up mangoes, chop...