Life’s little luxuries

In this hectic modern world, finding a moment for yourself is more important than ever. It can be as simple as taking a long walk along the beach or savouring your first latte of the day, or as extravagant as planning a trip to your favourite destination.

Passion for peppers

Carol Hay does not have pepper jelly fans. She has pepper jelly addicts. It is a fitting description for the legion of followers who can’t get enough of Carol’s Cayman Gourmet Pepper Jelly.

A Place of Peace & Joy

We wanted a home that could be filled with family and friends and flow well for gatherings, large and small. The hunt for the right place to call home can be laborious and tiring, but when you...

Mango and Ginger Soup

(serves 4 or multiple shot glasses)2 mangoes1 onion1 cup cold water¼ tsp Scotch bonnet or other pepper (to taste)1 lime1tsp grated or minced gingerSalt and pepper to tastePeel, de-stone and cut up mangoes, chop...

Get the right pet

When it comes to choosing a pet, it can be easy to fall for a cute face, soft colour of fur or an exotic persona.

But bringing an animal into your home is about much more than appearances. There are a number of factors that you need to consider before taking on the responsibility of a new pet, whether it has fins, feathers or fur. 

Battery power for the home

As more households in the Cayman Islands invest in solar, installing a home battery makes sense. Homeowners in Cayman are about to have another option when it comes to renewable energy. The Tesla Powerwall will soon...

Sailing Home

Mark’s home is situated at the far end of Calico Quay, in Canal Point, and has a truly unique character. The house has significant canal frontage on two sides, overlooks a natural marina for...

Creature comforts

Providing a comfy spot for your pet to rest is essential - a personal space where they feel safe. 


Harvey’s Island Grill Grilled salmon with mango salsa

Main Story:Mango, sweet and savoury•    3 oz. local mango•    1.5 oz. red onion•    1.5 oz. green pepper•    1.5 oz. red pepper•    0.2 oz. cilantro•    0.3 oz. raspberry vinegar•    1 tsp. sugar•    1 tsp. salt•   ...

Eton Mess

Back to Main Story:    Scrumptious seasonal delights (serves 6-8)Meringue1 pack strawberries2 cups heavy cream¼ cup sugar1 cup strawberry saucePrepare (or purchase) meringue and crumble into pieces.Cut strawberries in quarters (and add other berries...

The home that pallets built

Inspired to make treasures of others’ trash, Yvonne Broderick is at the forefront of what could be styled as Cayman’s next furniture revolution. Stunned at the number of serviceable shipping pallets that companies here throw...

Roasted Vegetable Quiche

Back to Main Story:    Scrumptious seasonal delights (serves 8-10)1 red bell pepper½ eggplant½ squash½ red onionmushrooms*all vegetables cut into ½ inch pieces½ bag spinach (cooked and strained)8 eggs½ cup cream½ cup grated cheddarPuff...

Outdoor cooking revolution

From the beginnings of cooking over open flame a million years ago to the grand picnics of the Victorian era as described in Mrs. Beeton’s 1861 “Book of Household Management,” eating outdoors has been...

Cheese lover’s plate

Cheese ideas from InsideOut..

Books & Books

Back to Main Story: Books & blogs Megan McCluskey, store manager at Books & Books (Cayman) Ltd, recommends three of her favourite books for spring and summer reading. “Beautiful Ruins” by Jess WalterIt is...

Mid-air meditation

I have just completed the first of many inversions at the weekly AntiGravity yoga class I attend, the latest fitness practice, which takes yoga up into the air.



Benefits of Bush Teas

Advice from a medical practitioner should be sought regarding any health concerns related to drinking bush teas.

Flavour Infusions

Back to Main Story: The Perfect Solution Make drinking your eight-a-day a delight by infusing your water with slices of fresh fruits, vegetables and herbs. Nutritionists agree that combining fruits and vegetables can enhance the flavour and...

Poolside Paradise

The pool, which has two lounge areas that give the effect of floating on the water, appears to extend out to become a part of the waterways. It’s a feature John Doak describes as “poolisciousness”...

Cheese upgrades

Main Story:Cheese Lovers PlateLouis Jadot, Beaujolais Village (soft and hard cheeses, but mild in flavour). This brilliant garnet wine is bright and fresh, with ripe, supple crushed strawberry flavors underscored by zesty nuances of...