Choosing the right tile

When choosing tiles for the home it is always important to consider the materials from which they are made.  For example, although shiny, glossy tiles may seem more visually appealing, they can be quite dangerous when wet and are not a good choice particularly when looking at the bathroom or kitchen areas. 

Non-slip porcelain or stone tiles are preferable, and on shower floors the smaller the tiles, the better.

If you are thinking of tiling the backsplash in your kitchen, glass tiles are the best choice as they do not absorb the odors from the food being prepared or cooked nearby and although most homeowners have granite or quartz countertops, it is possible to use tiles instead.  In this instance either stone or “full body” porcelain tiles are recommended.  Full body tiles keep their colour and design all the way through making them virtually impervious to wear.

Did you know that there are ways to renovate without having to rip out your old tiles?  If they are non-slip it is possible to purchase tile veneers that can simply be laid over the previous ones and giving you a new look in much less time.

Always ask for an expert’s advice when looking to buy and install new tiles.  International Tiling Company offers both services and will happily give you an estimate free of charge.  When it comes to tiling floors, showers, countertops or any other part of your house it is definitely something you want to get right the first time.

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