Lisa Turner of IDG

Put your own things out and spend a little money choosing interesting items that help express the quintessential you.


The Mulrys’ house

Although both couples have many things in common, their design tastes are the on opposite side of the spectrum; the Lawsons lean toward contemporary design, while the Mulrys preferences are more traditional.


Krissy Kirkconnell of Liberty Designs

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Delectable decor

Two restaurants that recently came on stream are making their mark not only with palate-pleasing cuisine but inviting décor as well. 


Creating a cinema

It’s possible to create a dedicated home theater in any property, whether a new-build or an existing house.


Best for the beach

Whether buying a lounge chair to sit on the sand, or furnishing a private stretch of beach on your property, there are many options to choose from in Cayman.


The great house

Antique furnishings adorn the rooms, many of which were handed down through several generations of the O’Hara family from various great houses in Jamaica.


Design and build

Some companies are now moving firmly in the direction of design-and-build projects, enabling more centralized control over the whole process and fewer headaches and disappointments for both builder and client.


On Broadway

“My intention was to build a theater that felt like you were sitting in a Broadway show,” 


Plantation perfection

An island-style house with modern twists marks the home of the Farjallah family, who live at The Plantation, a boutique residential community in South Sound.


Modern cabinetry

Worth a Mention Pooley Kitchen Design Studio is constantly updating its selection of contemporary doors, and has recently added Milan-based Lusso Cucina to its inventory. Lusso Cucina supplies environmentally friendly thermo-structured surface cabinets, and creates...

Beachside bliss

“I think it’s safe to say that we wish we could take the apartment back to Monaco with us.”  


Jazz It Up

Anna Rose Washburn of Marksons says placing furniture and rugs on the diagonal takes away the boredom of anchoring the furniture to the wall. Art can be repositioned accordingly.


Lydia Uzzell of Designworks:

Invest in items that you can easily take with you to your next home – throw pillows, accent throws, artwork and small accents (trays, vases, coasters, sculptures) that will reflect your personality.


Henrik’s fruit trees

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Green building council

 Back to Main Story:  Green for Gold The U.S. Green Building Council is a non-profit membership organization with a vision of a sustainable built environment within a generation.The council has grown to more than 18,000...

Robert’s furniture

Rob used plywood covered with polyurethane paint for the tabletop which cost around $65, supported by $175 metal work by CI Sheet Metal which is painted with lime green automobile paint.


The intricate art of henna

Here in Cayman, Shilpa is best known for her passion of applying henna, the use of which is intrinsic to Indian culture. 


Puttin’ on the Ritz

One residence that embodies the chic, ultra-contemporary design now being favored on-island, has recently been completed at the Ritz-Carlton, Grand Cayman.  



Green at a glance

Wondering about green home technologies? Take a look at how Geothermal cooling; Spray foam; Solar and Green air conditioning can work for your house.